Trueblood Season Premier

True Blood premier

What I expected:

I’ve watched the first eight minutes of the season opener on HBOGO so I know Sookie goes to Fairyland and then escapes Fairyland.  Actually I would have liked eight minutes of a shirtless Joe Manganiello or Alexander Skarsgard.  Either way they know I’ll watch the show.  I think we will see more of evil Sam, Cougar Jason, Shirtless Alcide and Muscle-tanked Eric.  More Whiney Bill I can do without but I’m sure we will get plenty.  Watching trailers I see there will be witches to foul up Sookie’s life and Lafayette’s life, too.

What I got in the Season 4 opener:

Um-m-m I tended to lose all train of thought when Alcide walked into Fangtasia.  Of course yelling at the TV “Take off your shirt.” did not go well with my image of sweet, sugar mouthed, lady of the house.

 The Jessica/Hoyt angst was good.

 Sookie didn’t seem too upset that because she couldn’t make the leap from Fairyland she caused her grandpa to die!! 

Those were some incredible witches, bringing a bird back to life even if only for a few minutes.  What’s next, vampires? 

And sweet Sam is no longer very sweet.  He lost sweetness last season but I thought he might get it back, he didn’t.  Sam’s brother is hanging with Hoyt’s mother?? WTF! 

Arlene has a baby demon.

Jason is still mixed up with the inbreds. 

 Bill is now King.  That was a lot to digest in the first show.

Tara, is now a lesbian.  Even more to wrap my mind around.

This show remains very campy.  Do people use that expression these days?  It means tongue in cheek but with a certain cool that is difficult to define.  I probably would not continue with its silliness if I hadn’t read all of the Charlaine Harris series and watched faithfully for the past 3 years.  It’s like an addiction now that I will need rehab to break.  I promise to only go on about it occasionally but I’m afraid I can’t go cold tukey.



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4 responses to “Trueblood Season Premier

  1. There were a lot of WTF moments for me. I do recaps for Bite Club and after I wrote the recap for th season premiere I was like, ‘I can’t believe all this crap happened in ONE show.’


    • Hi Jen,
      If I remember correctly it was the same in the season opener last year. They like give you these quick-bites of a dozen different story lines in the opening show. I keep saying I don’t like the show since the second season but I keep myself glued to it every time it starts up again.


  2. Kayla

    The witches thing is weird. Not enough shirtless guys and Tara turning lesbo was definitely not needed. K Alan ball you’ve definitely accomplished shock factor…


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