Sexiest Men in Books


The Huffington Post asked readers what characters from a novel would you like to sleep with?  Eric Northman  and Mr. Darcy did make the list but I sincerely question some of the others.  You can go here to see a slide show of the HP winners.

I thought it might be fun to ask who you think are the sexiest characters in novels. (You don’t necessarily have to want to sleep with them, but the choice is yours. 🙂  )  I think the romance genre is, of course, just full of them, perhaps even too many from which to choose.

My “sexiest man” choices? Let’s see.  This is harder to narrow down then I thought it would be.  I really think Raphael from D.B. Reynold’s Vampires in America series would have to top my list.  But then Duncan from the same series is rather mysterious and he would have to be on the list.  I find it impossible to choose between Lara Adrian’s Midnight Breed guys, so I would add them all. Oh and then there is Voss, From Gleason’s The Vampire Voss, I have a review coming on Friday.(hm-m-m, these sexy guys are from PNRs.  I must be attracted to the dangerous dead types.)

Okay, let me think about those Lords in the HR genre:

(Mr Darcy doesn’t do it for me.  He’s far too broody and morose.  He would be too high maintanence. Although Colin Firth is more than okay.)

I do like most all of Lisa Kleypas’ heroes.  In fact I can’t think of any I dislike. They are all delicious. Sigh…

In the Contemporary Romance genre:

Why can’t I remember their names??? The guy who takes your breath away in CRY NO MORE by Linda Howard?  Anyone remember his name?  Loved that book!!

Okay, it looks like I like most of the heroes and think they are sexy I just can’t remember their names.  How about you?  Do you have any favorites?



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14 responses to “Sexiest Men in Books

  1. dbreynolds

    Well, of course, I agree about Raphael and Duncan, though I’d add Raj to the list. He’d be the most fun date of all! But apart from MY guys and if we’re discussing Linda Howard’s men … I’ve always loved Marc Chastain from Kill and Tell, one of my favorites of her books. And then there’s Barrons from Karen Marie Moning’s Fever books … he deserves so much better than Mac. And let’s not forget Curran (Ilona Davis Kate Daniels’ books) or Nalini Singh’s wonderful Changelings from her Psy-Changeling series–Lucas is my favorite there. I could go on ….


  2. Kayla

    My favorite guys are definitely Eric from the sookie series soo sexy. Damon from vampires diaries. And Raphael from vampires in America. Edward Cullen from the twilight books but Jacob from the movies. Evil and chiseled are my favorite lol


  3. Gracie ^..^

    Diaz was the guy from “Cry No More”. I’d like to add Roarke from the “In Death” series by J.D. Robb to your list. Also all of the guys from the “Troubleshooter” series by Suzanne Brockmann. Those are my favs. Even Jules and Robin although neither of them swing my way… 😉


  4. Edyta

    Day late, sorry Dot. Ok this is a hard question.
    RS – John Medina
    HR – SO many many. I like Sherry Thomas’ characters but Jamie from Outlander is the ultimate stand out.
    CR – Hmmm the guys from Crusie’s books are usually great and Rachel Gibson writes good sexy contemps (Truly Madly Yours!!).
    Finally PNR/UF – Tybalt is NICE. Also Stacia Kane’s first trilogy had a super sexy demon (can’t remember his name). I liked Raphael too and Rhage was the only “brother” I liked (from the few books I read from that series). I could go on (especially in UF) but I’ll stop.


    • I have two Gibson books in the TBR pile. I really need to get to them.

      Most of my “loves” are from PNR books, that must mean something but I don’t know if I want to go there. I have yet to come up with a “crush” in UF but it could be because I’m just forgetting someone.


  5. Joyce Hunt

    I have to agree with most of these choices but there are still so many out there…. like Von in Adrian Phoenix’s books and Raphael and Dmitri in Nalini Singh’s Archangel books as well as some of the changelings in her Psy/Changeling series. Sigh, so many bad boys and so little time.


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