Paperback Book Game


Have you ever played “Balderdash”?  This game is very similar and in the NYTimes Sunday Book section there was an article on how to tweak it for paperback book fun.

I suggest you use your steamiest romances and maybe your utterly fantastical Urban Fantasy novels. 

Here’s how to play:

Gather a number of paperbacks at least one for each player and more if you have them (play is most fun with 4-8 Players).  Pile them to the side. Choose one player to keep score of each round.

Pass out slips of paper, all the same size, and pencils to each player.

One player is the “Reader” for the first round.  He/She chooses a book from the pile and reads the back cover blurb aloud to the group.  Each of the other players have to come up with a first/opening sentence of the book, made up of course, and write it down on their slip of paper.  The “Reader” writes down the actual first sentence on his slip of paper. Everyone puts their name or initial on their slip of paper and hands them off to the reader.  The reader shuffles them, then reads each offering aloud to the group.

The object now is for each player to determine which sentence is the actual first sentence of the book.  Everyone gets a chance to vote for their choice and the reader keeps track of who voted for which sentence.  (By putting the voting player’s initials or name on the slip they voted for)

The scoring is 2points for each player that chose the correct sentence and 1 point for each false guess goes to the authors of the false sentences receiving votes.

Play continues, going clockwise around the group, until each player has a chance to be “Reader”.  The person with the highest score wins.


I would love to play this game.  I have always loved these type of parlor games.  I used to be the neighborhood Trivial Pursuit queen.  In the old days.



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8 responses to “Paperback Book Game

  1. Kayla

    That game is my favorite. I love playing it at family get togethers, it’s hilarious the things people come up with!


  2. How fun! I hadn’t heard of this game. Thanks for sharing it Dot!


  3. Krissy

    This is just like that library game I have. We played it once or twice.


  4. I know what I’ll be playing during our next game night. Thanks for sharing Dot!


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