Sexy Man and my 2 month Blogoversary

I just put that there because I seem to get mucho hits when sexy is in my blog titles.  But it does tend to make the blog interesting, right?  Its okay, we can just look at him for a few minutes…….ready?….Okay, not yet…  Hm-m-m, if you like it that much maybe it will be a regular feature.

Yup, I’ve been writing this blog for two whole months.  I still don’t know how to put stuff into my sidebars.  I think I’ll work on that this week.  I don’t know how to add lots of cool stuff but I did figure out the videos and it only took me a few weeks.  I wanted to have a real smattering of genres to review but it looks as if my Historical Romance obsession is winning out right now.  I do throw in a Paranormal every now and then to keep things from getting too stale.

I tried promoting the blog with friends.  I made up business cards with all the blog info and handed them out to practically everyone.  So far, I think they may have stopped by but my stats don’t show that I’m being overwhelmed.  What I’m learning is that the people who regularly stop by are those reading the books I like.  No surprise there but I could have just saved myself some effort with the business cards.

My college age buddies tell me I need to do more with Facebook.  Maybe, but I’m really shy of having so many pseudo- friends.

I think I’ll just plug away at this and see where it leads.  I am learning that “Sexy” sells a blog.  This, too, was no revelation.



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13 responses to “Sexy Man and my 2 month Blogoversary

  1. I’m lovin’ your reviews, Deeda. I get them via e-mail, does that count as a visit to the blog?


  2. Hi, Dot, and congrats on your anniversary! When I interviewed Amanda Ashby some years back, she told me that putting “naked David Boreanaz” in a post would generate hits. Thus, the Naked David Boreanaz Fan Club was born at my blog. People still ask me for club membership badges.

    I’d wondered about the lack of sidebars here. It would be nice if you had a followers list. I got my sidebar code by just googling around for instructions.

    You might want to do what I do with is create a feed that goes right to your twitter and facebook accounts. That way you don’t have to log in to those every day…the feed will automatically update your blog news.Best wishes!


  3. dbreynolds

    Sexy is always nice! Happy two month’s, Dot!!


  4. Marta and Donna, Thanks for congratulating me on surviving for two months. LOL You two are the best.


  5. Loretta N.

    Congratulations on two months of Blogging Dot! I’m afraid I’m like Peggy. I mostly read the e-mails. Don’t trust Facebook at all, but we know these college-aged kids!


  6. Edyta

    Hi Dot.
    Congrats!!! I am loving your reviews and musings. To many, many more.
    Also I won’t complain about all the HRs as I do seem to have gotten back into that genre after many years. I am finishing a UF book right now but will read one of the HRs you reviewed recently (not sure which yet). I actually like the look of your blog. It’s very neat and clean. Good luck with the side bars :D.


    • Edyta, where would I be without you? Thanks! I’m off UF for the moment but not as “off” as YA. LoL I’ll probably indulge in both again if I ever get this HR thing out of my system.


  7. Krissy

    Like! 🙂


  8. Krissy

    Like! 🙂
    So I tried to just type “like” and it told me I said that Well I do. Sexy men will always get you hits Deet!


  9. Kayla

    Facebook everything! I’m telling you send me links… You want stats, I got friends who love sexy men and vamp romances. Just sayin 🙂


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