Sexy Man Tuesday –Jim Rosenau

Jim Rosenau

I don’t think Jim expected to be on “Sexy Man Tuesday” but he qualifies because there is nothin’ sexier than fabulous creativity and talent and Jim has it in spades….er…books…maybe pages.  Anyway, here is a Bio from Jim’s website and after that a gander at some of the fabulous “book” shelves he has created.

Jim Rosenau was raised in a house with 5,000 books. He has been making and selling thematic bookshelves from vintage books since 2002. The idea occurred to him years earlier after reading an essay, “Books As Furniture,” by Nicholson Baker. Given his background as the son and grandson of publishers, he assumed the reaction, should he make such a thing, would be furious. The work, once underway, proved him wrong.

His book furniture has since earned him a wide following with work sold in almost 50 states and countries. Primarily shown at closely juried shows, he is also represented by dealers from Vermont to Los Angeles. The work has been widely published in print and on the Internet.

Previously, he has been a carpenter, comedy writer (with Charlie Varon) , editor, software developer, planning commissioner and designed and built parade floats. His writing has been published in Fine Homebuilding, The New Yorker, ReadyMade, and and heard on public radio. He lives and works in Berkeley, California.

This is Jim’s “Nancy Drew” book shelf, a custom design.

“Medicine” bookshelf also a custom design.

“Humpty Dumpty” shelf.

Kitchen shelf with knobs to hang towels or aprons.

You can see more of Jim Rosenau’s art at


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4 responses to “Sexy Man Tuesday –Jim Rosenau

  1. What a great idea. Got any old books laying around. I think I can make these kinds of bookshelfs, and I want to be the Tuesday man too!


  2. Kayla

    Could’ve done without the picture of him. Haha but in all seriousness that’s really cool,very different. Kinda sadistic. Poor books. They only wanted to be read and loved.


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