Bookstore in San Antonio, Texas

This is a video of the new Half-Price bookstore in San Antonio, Texas.  Half Price now has 113 stores throughout the USA.  They buy books from the public and resell.

I have a local bookstore that buys my used paperbacks for 25% of the original price, for credit in the store.  Then I can buy books from them for 50% of the original price.  They tack on a transaction fee of $.20/book that I buy.  They don’t always take a book that I bring in, sometimes they may have too many of that book on the shelf.  However they do stamp all books sold by them and always take them back as long as I haven’t drooled my morning coffee all over the book.

Now I want to send you for a look at some very unusual bookstores, the video on the first one is interesting and you have to click on the pags to see the ten stores.



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6 responses to “Bookstore in San Antonio, Texas

  1. Wow…look at the size of that place!


  2. Yeah, I could spend hours in there. I spend hours in the tiny little used paperback store near me.


  3. What a cool store! And it’s freakin’ HUGE! I must admit that all those book shelves made me drool a little. lol And the photos on that other site…the bookstore in the church…wow. Fun post Dot!


    • Seeing all those huge, unusual bookstores reminds me of the time I took my 8 year old granddaughter to our local B&N. Em is a bookaholic and when we walked in the front door of the store she stopped, gazed around and in an awed voice said “Deet, they have two floors!”


  4. Just now looked at the video. What a great advertising gimick! Bet they don’t move that fast at the local bookstore!


    • I would love to have a big store like that near where I live. They have a ton of them in Texas. But I suppose it would put my local store out of business. Not to mention the huge annual library sale.


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