Deet’s Rant-Is it Me or is it Me?

(No, this Picasso painting is not me and if it was me, I would sue the genius who painted it.  But never mind, this post is about something else entirely.)

Harlan Cobin, my go-to guy for page turning mystery and suspense has just announced his Sept. 6th release of…are you ready…a Young Adult novel. Yes, along with practically everyone in the publishing world now Cobin is writing in the YA genre. “Okay,” you say, “So What, Deet?” I’ll tell you so-what! I love my go-to authors. I buy their books faithfully and send their kids to Harvard. YA books just don’t do it for me. All that teenage angst and hormone eruptions, I just can’t hack it. Then you get those teens that act like they are thirty and have this entire mature outlook and manage to save the world…give me a break.

Yeah, yeah, I’ve read some good YA’s; well written, deserving of their cudos. I’m not saying the authors are bad. It’s just so disappointing that all that talent is geared toward that particular market. You know, the market sector that has all the money, teens.  I spend money on books, maybe not as much as the teens but then they have more than I do.

I have forever been a person who embraces change and does not curse and struggle against the flow of the current, all that seems to be changing.  I seem to be flailing around in that murky water bucking this trend to no avail.   Damn, I think I’m old.  On the other hand I think some of the best, funniest, most intelligent and swoon worthy books are for kids, not Young Adults.  Like this one for example:


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11 responses to “Deet’s Rant-Is it Me or is it Me?

  1. Kayla

    I’m sitting in the airport at my gate. Bored I decide ahh let’s see what Deet’s blog says. Had to watch the video so I plug my headphones in and played it on my phone… If the people I was sitting near didn’t think I was weird, they do now. I was laughing hysterically. In lemony snickets defense you bought the series of unfortunate events for me when I was in the 5th grade and I was obsessed. And I think authors are getting the hint, if they want a multi million dollar movie deal like cough* cough* twilight… You have to appeal to the masses :/


    • Oh yes, it is all about the money. I did turn you into an obsessive reader and now you are up to your eyeballs in textbooks. Hopefully the joy of fiction will return to you when once again you have time to read for fun.

      The above rant not withstanding, if you had not introduced me to the TWILIGHT books I might never have found all that other fabulous Vampire fiction. I think we compliment each other.


      • Kayla

        Agreed. I’m glad I made you read Twilight. Because your vampire romance novels you wrote are fantastic. Not that anyone would know that :p


  2. Edyta

    Oh no, I’m so with you. I too read a couple of YA trilogies. I HATE teens who act like teens and I ABHOR teens who act like me (I’m 33). I get the whole youth culture and all but I swear even in UF, when the heroines are silly and under 25, I find them hard to digest (or if they’re ever so wise because of all the shit they went through, WHATEVER!!!).

    I don’t read YA and I won’t even if my favourite authors decide to write it. I also find it funny (I mean annoying) how adults are portrayed as these morons who know nothing and are so out of touch with … um like the real life. I thought the Hunger Games would have been so much better if it was an adult novel. The kids save the world thing got tired fast for me and became ludicrous in the last novel. I hope this YA fad goes away quick (as they all do eventually). I’m sad you are losing one of your authors. Thank you for the forum to rant. 😀


  3. I’m with you on this one. I have nothing against YA but, it does feel like everyone is jumping ship and hopping on the YA bandwagon.


  4. Jen D & Edyta- misery loves your company. At least I’m not alone in this. Hopefully Harlan Cobin will come to his senses and continue to write the books that I love.


  5. I was actually going through a dilemma recently that you reminded me of. I am not a huge fan of YA anymore. I’ll read some, but it’s not my most favorite. If I read 3 per year, that is more than enough. I want to buy all the books that my fave (and as you put it go-to authors) release. I want to support them and their awesomeness. So for the first couple times, I bought their YA books when they came out with that genre. But I didn’t enjoy them all that much because they were YA. Then I felt guilty for not liking them because I would usually think these authors were genius. I need to stop doing that. Even though I want to support my most favorite writers, I need to not when they come to writing YA. I just don’t want to read a book that I most likely won’t enjoy… Why do they put us through that? LOL


  6. Julie, I’m sure they do it because their publishers either insist or they tell the authors this will make them popular with the now and future book consumers. But it is now a bandwagon that most authors are riding.


  7. Krissy

    So when i clicked on this from facebook on my ipad it brought me right to the post. Then i went to the link on it brought me to this cool book cover and it said swipe here and when u swipe it it opens like a book! Way cool! I love my ipad. Only thing is i couldnt play the video..because no flash on ipad…that stinks. I read about Harlans jump into this genre…i was excited to read in your post that hes your go to guy because i introduced you to harlan years ago..and marianne introduced me. Love him! I dont have a comment on the YA just making coversation…lol.


    • Sorry you couldn’t see the vid. Go to YouTube and search “13 Words by Lemony Snicket book trailer” it really is a fun video. You can stop by anytime for conversation.
      Yes, indeed, you and Marianne did start me on the Harlan Cobin obsession. Thank You! Love him!


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