Bad Boys in Novels

What makes us love Bad Boys in Historical Romance novels or any Romance novel?  Well here is my totally biased take on the subject:

Confidence with a capital “C”

The thing is, bad boys are uber confident, they know what they want and tell it to their women truthfully. They are totally “take charge” and rarely, if ever, seek approval for their actions. That’s an attractive trait.

Brawn and Brains, yummy!

Bad Boys are never cowardly in any situation.  They never run from a confrontation. They have superior strength and intelligence.

Absolutely Hunky

Bad Boys in novels are always, always drool worthy.  Thank you authors!!  Unless they are the evil reincarnations of Voldemort, but then I’m not talking about them.

Thrill Seekers

There is never a dull moment with a Bad Boy.  There is always adventure and passion or the promise of passion.  They infuse us with the feeling of being adventurous even if our lives are rather 9 to 5.

Consummate Lovers, oh yeah!

Those Bad Boys know all the techniques for seduction and how to put them to good use.

Bad Boys can make us “Bad Girls” (yes they can)

Those of us who read romance novels, like the idea that we can fantasize about those bad boys and maybe fantasize about being a bad girl, then we can go back to being the “good” women we are day to day.  Those novels can also spice up that “good” woman to act in adventurous ways.  Take note men.

Here is a video that shows us some very bad boys from those Historical Romance novels.  If you missed some of these movies you should really give yourself a treat and check them out of the library:

Mansfeild Park
Sense & Sensibility (1995 & 2008)
Northanger Abbey
Pride and Prejudice (1995 & 2005)
The Count of Monte Cristo
The Scarlet Pimpernel (1982)
The Tenant of Wildfell Hall
Becoming Jane
The Inheritance

Let It Rock – Kevin Rudolf

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14 responses to “Bad Boys in Novels

  1. There really is something about bad boys, isn’t there? I also like me a smart man. Or an adventurous man. Or a sweet man. Any man really, when it comes to my romance books. 😉


  2. Hi, Dot! Nice post and I had this vid on my blog once….but it’s well worth rewatching, especially to see Greg Wise in Sense & Sensibility. (And when Emma Thompson got dumped by Kenneth Brannaugh, she fell right into his arms!) This video would be perfect if it included John Thornton of North and South, and if you haven’t watched that yet, oh, my, you’re in for a treat.


  3. I have watched North and South and love Richard Armitage as much as you do. 🙂
    You have all the amazing vids on your blog. I love them!!


  4. I spend way too much time looking for good videos! I have to slog through all the ones that are slide shows or have Evanescence songs or are just bad.

    You might want to check out the “It’s Raining (Historical) Men” video. It’s great fun.


  5. Edyta

    Great vid. I do like the bad boys and all those reasons sound good. Also, they are just more fun to read about 😀 I agree with Ms Acosta about North and South. Great movie and actually a really good book (the movie ending is sooo much better though) I actually love almost all the movies in that vid. I feel an Austen-athon coming on.


  6. Mo

    Ah the bad boys…I do love them but they’re never really ‘bad’ in the true sense, are they? They always end up being softies once they meet the heroine. They help old ladies or the poor etc… Ever read any of Anne Stuarts Ice series?….those Heroes are seriously bad, yes they love the heroine, but everything else…no regrets. She has a way of redeeming the un-redeemable. Very interesting writer.

    I really like reading Heroes who are not scared of showing their feelings to the Heroines and yet still retain their badness…

    Edyta you’re right, the ending to N&S series is unbeatable but I do love the understated ending in the book. Gaskell’s Ruth and Sylvia’s Lovers are also very good but dark and heartbreaking. I really need to watch me some BBC productions.


    • Edyta

      Mo, I sooo agree with you. I think if authors are gonna write a bad boy, make him actually bad. I don’t know how many books I’ve read where we are told the dude is bad, but he’s never actually all that bad. I think that’s probably because most readers don’t actually want that much realism and want to think that people can change. (Insert snicker here). I read a couple of Anne Sturat books and you are right her dudes are C O L D. From her backlist Nightfall and Moonrise are great but man oh man… I loved those books, wish more authors “went there” 😀


      • Mo

        I am actually looking forward to reading Nightfall. That’s in my TBR.

        Just finished Not Quite a Husband last night. Could not put it down. Thomas is one seriously excellent writer. How the hell does she take a situation I hate and make me completely love the characters. She has a talent. Her words…i am now solidly part of the Sherry Thomas fan club. On to her next book 🙂


        • You both bring up a good point, in most Regency historicals the hero is usually referred to as a Bad Boy, Rake or Rogue where in actuality he is misunderstood, his actions have been misinterpreted or he is acting-out because some datardly (theres that word again) deed has been done to him either in childhood or recently. So he really isn’t all that “Bad”. I’ve only read one Stuart book, something about a a “bad boy”named Rohen, but I will be sure to put some of her others on my wish list.


  7. Mo

    Dot, that’s exactly it and like Edyta says they always change so drastically when they meet the heroine and realise they are in love. Don’t get me wrong I love these books but that’s because they take me out of reality 🙂 Heyer wrote a good regency bad boy hero in Venetia with Damarel. He tells the heroine that he is not good and that he will never completely change. He’s not bad on an Anne Stuart level but he is still not a respectable member of ton and he let’s the heroine know that. The final declaration by him is wonderful :).

    I have read mixed reveiws of Stuart’s House of Rohan series so I haven’t read one yet.


  8. Edyta

    I have a huge girl crush on Sherry Thomas. She has 3(!!!) books coming out next year. CAN NOT WAIT.

    As for the “not so bad” bad boy, sometimes it works, but sometimes it’s a bit silly at how much the author changes the man. I find it especially jarring when a couple is revisited in the following book in the series. Too often the previous heroes seem to have been neutered. In my opinion anyways 😉


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