Sexy Man Tuesday- Happy Valentine’s Day

Ah-h-h today is for lovers and sexy men…Hope your day is lover-ly.

Did you know that Caroline Herrera has bottled 212 sexy men? Round of applause for Caroline!

And finally a tribute to one of the most famous couples of the twentieth century. Passion’s own:


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6 responses to “Sexy Man Tuesday- Happy Valentine’s Day

  1. Okay, I have to ask this: I’ve seen the photo of the guy with the chocolate ALL OVER his hand before and I can’t see why everyone thinks it’s so hot. Yes, the guy’s eyes are amazing, but the chocolate ALL OVER his hand!? Isn’t that a little overkill…a little messy even? LOL This first guy…so pretty. Yes…so so pretty.
    Happy Valentine’s Day!


    • Well, Julie, perhaps its his blue eyes but I think it is the suggestion, now correct me if you think I’m wrong, the suggestion of the way he is managing to get that chocolate off his finger. I don’t think it had to be chocolate, any creamy messy substance would do. How about whipped cream or vanilla pudding or…….whatever… as long as ….sorry I get too involved with Sexy Man Tuesday. Yup, this guy is hot.


  2. Krissy

    Were Gomez and Mortica married in real life? They ooozzz love.


  3. Kaylor

    They guy with the chocolate all over his hand….who doesn’t love chocolate? And…..who would love to dip him in chocolate and lick him all over? MEEEEE!!! 🙂


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