Review- A Duke of Her Own by Eloisa James

Title: A Duke of Her Own

Genre: Historical Romance

Author: Eloisa James

Publisher: Avon, 2009

Source: Purchase

Rating: 4

Sexy Rating: 5

Description from  A duke must choose wisely . . .

Leopold Dautry, the notorious Duke of Villiers, must wed quickly and nobly—and his choices, alas, are few. The Duke of Montague’s daughter, Eleanor, is exquisitely beautiful and fiercely intelligent. Villiers betroths himself to her without further ado.

After all, no other woman really qualifies. Lisette, the outspoken daughter of the Duke of Gilner, cares nothing for clothing or decorum. She’s engaged to another man, and doesn’t give a fig for status or title. Half the ton believes Lisette mad—and Villiers is inclined to agree.

Torn between logic and passion, between intelligence and imagination, Villiers finds himself drawn to the very edge of impropriety. But it is not until he’s in a duel to the death, fighting for the reputation of the woman he loves, that Villiers finally realizes that the greatest risk may not be in the dueling field . . .

But in the bedroom. And the heart.


At first we think the Duke will choose Eleanor, then we think it will be Lisette.  He is not fickle just trying to be practical and do the right thing.  Two daughters of Dukes, both are wishing to marry this Duke.  Instead of the usual HR “Season” we have a country house party where two Ladies of the Ton are vying for the hand of the Duke; a Duke who has stated his intentions of marrying.  They are not the usual flighty, vapor-headed ladies but each has an agenda. The Duke does not see what is patently set before him.

I enjoyed the refreshing premise of this romance.  It kept me guessing for a good long read as to who the Duke would eventually marry.  There are hints at secrets that eventually come to light.



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8 responses to “Review- A Duke of Her Own by Eloisa James

  1. Edyta

    This one sounds interesting. I like that the end is not a given. Can’t wait to hear what you thought of Ghurke. I REALLLY liked ATHKH. I just got a couple of new books, one by Julie James and another Loretta Chase. Will let you know how they work out when I get to them.


  2. mo

    I have been meaning to read this one. Really enjoyed Guhrke’s ATHKH. Working class hero and heroine was a nice change. I read it a while back and then bought it when it was cheap and read it again.

    Edyta, which Julie James are you reading? I’ve read a few of her books and have enjoyed them, but if you want grittier contemp romance I recommend Sarra Manning’s Unsticky.


    • I will look into Sarra Manning’s books. I’ve been thinking that Contemp Romance is not my cuppa tea, but I have enjoyed some that I have read, like Lisa Kleypa’s trilogy that starts with SUGAR DADDY.


      • Edyta

        Hey Mo, I got A Lot Like Love. I’m in the middle of a UF (meh so far) but will read that one soon. I don’t read CR often, as a lot of it is vapid (sorry but it’s true, I got burned a few times and now am weary of the whole genre). I will look into Manning.
        And yes, both hero and heroine of ATHKH are unconventional and act like adults. That’s why I liked this books probably.
        As for Kleypas, I have not liked any of her HRs I’ve read, so not sure if I will go to the CRs. I read some of the synopses and I just don’t think the dudes will be for me.


  3. mo

    Well, technically he’s not working class, but you know what I mean. They’re unconventional.


  4. mo

    Haha, yes, a lot of CR can be vapid but i’ve read a few that I have enjoyed. I’m with Dot on Kleypas’ CR though, they were good. I haven’t read ALL by James, let me know what you think about it.

    Dot, have you read Susan Elizabeth Philip’s NRL CR books. I really like these and have a feeling you would too.


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