Deet Quiz- Reading Genres

Blair over at had this to say:

Nothing’s wrong with writing entertainingly; I’m all for it! But it does mean that other kinds of work have a harder time surviving. Some writing is designed to give the reader a rollicking good time; some is designed to ask tough questions, to challenge us as readers and as people, and to take us on spiritual or emotional journeys.

Blair had more to say on the subject but this bit got me thinking. How do I want to read, for entertainment or for a challenge?

I have to answer that I read primarily for entertainment.  If,  in seeking that out I happen upon something spiritual, emotional, challenging or educational then I’m all the more pleased.  It also made me think about the genres that I read and why I stay away from some.  I really hate giving bad reviews to a book in a genre I only read on occasion.  And I probably only read that genre on occasion because I haven’t been introduced to a really good book.  My favorite genres are Historical Romance, Romantic Suspense, Paranormal & Urban Fantasy, Mystery & Thriller.  I keep trying to love Contemporary Romance & Chick Lit but fail miserably.  That said I just thought of a couple of books in these two genres that I do like.  That must be why I do go back to them on occasion.

1. What about you, do you read for entertainment and/or for other reasons?

2. Do you say you don’t like a genre because you haven’t read a good book in that genre or is it just because you don’t like the subject?

Yup, this is a quiz.



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10 responses to “Deet Quiz- Reading Genres

  1. Edyta

    1. I’d say that I read 70% for entertainment and 30% to challenge myself (classics, non fiction, history, finance or political books)
    2. I don’t really care for mystery/serial killer type books. I’ve read some that were good (and some that were terrible), but they will never be a 5 star read for me. For whatever reason these books just don’t click with me. I do love spy stories though.

    Cool topic.


    • I will never read a serial killer themed book. Gives me the creeps. But I do like a good mystery and other types of thriller books. I’m impressed that you read political and finance. I don’t even crack open those cause I know I will fall asleep instantly.


      • Edyta

        Haha I didn’t mean the super textbookey finance (haven’t read those since school). I meant Too Big To Fail and Michael Lewis’ books. They are very readable actually, and I was really fascinated by the whole financial mess in 2008. I do admit to having a slight obsession with politics (mostly American, ours are not so interesting)


  2. Lisa

    At this point, I would say that about 90% of my reading is for pure entertainment with the remaining reading to challenge or better my mind. I do prefer to stick to sci fi, urban fantasy and paranormal romance, with the odd historical romance thrown in. (I also love classic literature). While I have enjoyed many mysteries and thrillers, and even a few (very few) contemporary romances, I would rather my entertainment reading to be set in a world more removed from reality. I love jumping into an alternate universe. I’m not all that interested in the “who done it” aspect of the mystery/thriller or the romantic fluff of the contemporary romance or chick lit, so I tend not to read those types of books unless a specific title or author is strongly suggested by a friend. But, ultimately, I just love to read, and that is how I spend the vast majority of my time. 🙂


    • Thanks for weighing-in on these questions, Lisa. Except for you not caring for mystery all that well, we pretty much agree. I’ve been off-my-feed on UF lately but I really want to dive back into Kevin Hearne’s Iron Druid Series. I’m just suffering from “too many books, not enough time” syndrome. I like alternate worlds and universe novels (PNR, UF, SiFi, F) when they are done well; when they are just silly I tend to toss the book across the room.


  3. mo

    Most of my reading is for entertainment, although I do read the classics (which I consider entertainment :)). I also read the occasional non-fiction but it has to grab me. I don’t like biographies, at all.

    I also don’t really like the true mystery/thriller/cop genre but I think that’s because I haven’t found the right author and because they’re very light on romance ;). So kill me, i gotta have romance in my books! But, I do love watching Castle (i blame it on Nathan Fillion, who is adorable IMO).

    I do read HR, YA, UF, PR, contemp romance, romantic suspense etc…but there is always an element of romance. I would like to try Lee Child, Tess Gerritsen and their contemporaries but I have so many books on my TBR from authors and genres I know and love, that I am less likely to try these.

    We’re creatures of habit. I really need to branch out.


    • I love mystery novels, but I forgot that there are so many sub genres to that catagory. I like the “Cozy Mystery” ala Charlaine Harris’ Aurora Teagarden series, or Kathrine Page Hall’s “The Body in the…” novels. I also am a fanatic about anything Harlan Coben writes which is slightly grittier than the cozy books, especially his Myron Bolitar series. I’ve just discovered James Grippando and I’m liking his mystery/thriller books also.

      And I agree, I am definitely a creature of habit when it comes to reading. I have tried the “branching out” but somehow lately I’m suckered back into my own path. Maybe I just don’t want to get out of here?


      • mo

        Oh yes I forgot about the cozy mystery genre. I did enjoy the Aurora Teagarden series, and think Cleo Coyles coffeehouse books are excellent, but these books have an overarching romance theme in them. Kind of like the JD Robb In Death series. Very well written and highly enjoyable but there is a heavy romance element which means the mystery/thriller part is less hard-core.

        Edyta, I’m the same. Whenever I try something new I’ve been disappointed and always end up going back to my trusted genres.

        Dot, I’ve been finding it really hard to get into UF, PR at the moment. There are a few books from series I love that are now out, but I can’t bring myself to read them. This is obviously a worry ;).


  4. Edyta

    Haha I have to say branching out seems overrated to me. Everytime I try something out of my box, it just feels like I’m rushing through it to get back to my “real” books.


    • Thank You! You said exactly how I feel. I have books that some little Nag in my brain says “you really ought to read this, Dot” so I buy it and then I can’t get past the first page. I put it down and I go read something that I “feel” like reading. I thought it was just my lack of discipline but maybe its something else…..nah, its my lack of discipline.


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