Sexy Man Tuesday- Austin Peck

Thanks to my friend, Dottie, we have a really fine looking man for this weeks title of Sexy Man Tuesday.  He is Austin Peck, an actor who plays Austin Reed on TV’s Days of Our Lives soap opera.  It seems I have been missing out by not watching daytime TV.

Oh Yes! “One of these please, and don’t leave out the dimples.”

Pool play….

Waking up in a messy bed……..




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6 responses to “Sexy Man Tuesday- Austin Peck

  1. Krissy

    I’ve always liked him…I use to watched the show faithfully and Ben remember watching when I was a kid with my mom! Tee hee.


  2. Gracie ^..^

    Yup. He used to play Brad on ATWT. He was a bit of a goof but so cute that you could overlook it. lol Hated him with long hair though.


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