Deet’s Life- (I wish) Beautiful Bookstores

Frequent commenter, Mo, sent me this site because she knew I would just drool all over these photos.  I’ve brought you a few but to see all twenty please go to the Flavorwire site.

These are the front doors of Livaria da Vila, Sao Paulo, Brazil

In an old church- Selexyz Bookstore, Maastrict, Holland

Shakespeare & Comapny, Paris, France

Bookabar Bookshop, Rome, Italy

Plural Bookstore, Bratislava, Slovakia



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5 responses to “Deet’s Life- (I wish) Beautiful Bookstores

  1. Dottie

    The stores are amazing!


  2. I wish that there were book stores around us that looked like that! Favorite has to be Shakespeare & Comapny, Paris, France. Very cozy and a bit of a mess, but all the others looked amazing.


  3. mo

    I’m really dismayed that we don’t have any lovely bookstores like these in Australia! (not that I know of anyway). We too have the big standard stores with your standard bookshelves…very uninspiring.


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