Review- P.S.: I’m Innocent by Steve Ruediger

Title:  P.S.: I’m Innocent

Genre: Thriller/Erotic Elements

Author: Steve Ruediger

Publisher: I Universe, 2011

Source: Free from the author for review

Rating: 2—2.5

Sexy Rating: 5

Description from

As a new employee for the Sanibel Island Environmental Conservancy in Florida, Lizzie Grant thinks she has it made. She is helping to preserve wildlife and working on a Florida beach. Life is finally good-but it won’t stay that way for long.

One night while researching sea turtles on the beach, Lizzie sees illegal aliens being brought ashore by a smuggler. Her accidental observation leads to her being threatened and stalked by the smuggler until he suddenly shows up dead in her apartment, and Lizzie is wanted for his murder. With the help of a semi-retired Mafia don named Joey, Lizzie tries to uncover evidence to clear her name. What she discovers is chilling: the illegal aliens are being used as slave labor on a farm next to her friend’s wildlife refuge. In spite of Joey’s help, Lizzie becomes a prisoner on the slave labor farm, where a forced marriage is planned.

Pursued by the police and men that want to kill her, Lizzie is running out of time. Will Lizzie find the strength and courage to fight her way free and prove her innocence?


First let me give some background as to why I agreed to review this book.  The author Mr Ruediger attended a Barnes and Noble presentation event in the audience where I was also a spectator.  The panel was 5 authors from a writing society of which Mr. Ruediger was a member.  Since it became known during the discussion that he was a self published author, following the meeting I stopped to talk to him.  He asked me to read and review his book, I accepted the offer, promising an honest review.

The author has a background as a newspaper reporter which led me to think this book would be more polished than it was.  The main character, Lizzie, was not likable.  She was silly and stupid. Continually making disastrous mistakes that made her look even more unintelligent.  Almost all the male characters were misogynistic.  The slave-farm portion of the book felt like it’s only reason for going on for several chapters was to either titillate or to act as filler.  There was no romance in this book.  There were plenty of scenes with men ogling naked Lizzie and rape scenes.  There was violence throughout most of the book.

I was disappointed hoping for better writing.  The character development was adequate but I’m afraid not to my taste; the characters were loathsome.  The plotting suffered from stagnation during a portion of the book that involved a slave farm, or perhaps it was just so unappealing to me that I felt it would not end.  I can’t recommend this book.



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12 responses to “Review- P.S.: I’m Innocent by Steve Ruediger

  1. mo

    Mmmm…so I think I’ll pass on this one. ‘the characters were loathsome’ *sniggers*.


    • Yes, I’m afraid they were “loathsome”. There were only two characters that had any redeeming value and one of them was a mafiosa. I did realize that I feel like a cad when I “know” the author and have to slam the book. For this reason I am not accepting any more author requests for reviews. Too traumatic for me.


  2. Edyta

    “Too traumatic for me”
    Oh Dot, I think I would be the same. I could post anonymous review but I’d feel bad to have to slam someone’s work (even though constructive criticism found here could be of help).

    BTW ladies I just read Maya Banks medieval romance and I really liked it. She has a trilogy out I read Seduction of a Highland Lass (2nd book) and will read the others for sure. Right now I’m reading Stacia Kane’s newest…what UF should be.


    • I don’t think I have read a Maya Banks book. I’ll have to keep her in mind. Stacia Kane? I had a problem once and, again, I’m not going there. Sometimes I think I’m too damn sensitive to do this blog. lol. Nah! I’ll just call them like I see them and ignore people who give me a hard time. (believe that and I have more B.S. to dish.)


    • mo

      Edyta, can’t wait to read the next Chess book. This series is soooo good. Everyone is so screwed up that you just ache for them. And Terrible…how can you not love him…

      Can I just say I am in shock that you like Maya Bank’s latest HR ;). I tried book 2 but couldn’t get into it. Maybe I need to give it another go.

      I feel for you too Dot, being a blogger is not ideal in some situations.

      Okay so I am reading Sophie Kinsella’s latest, I’ve got your number, and so far it is fantastic. I am laughing out loud and giggling constantly. Yes, it is classed as Chic lit, but this is the good stuff.


  3. Edyta

    Hahaha Mo, imagine how shocked I was to enjoy it. I’ll admit it is not my usual brand of HR, I did borrow it (not paid for it). Dare I say the heroines are a tad young and immature, BUT I liked it? I did have a couple of eye rolling moments and yet I forgave them and read on (I was in a really good mood reading it). I liked that it was not regency also, but I do think this was a anomaly. Somehow I don’t see myself reading this type of HR often 😀

    Dot, I know that Ms Kane’s UF is not your cup of tea. It’s GRITTY. So far I’m loving Sacrificial Magic.
    As a note on the ridiculous: I pre-ordered (on Kindle) this book last year for $6.39. SOOO thankful for Amazon’s price match as it is now $11.27 for Canadian customers. I would not pay that.


  4. mo

    Duran’s latest isn’t a regency, I’m pretty sure. I have a whole heap of HR ebooks waiting to be read.

    Yes, Chess Putnam series is very gritty. I can honestly say that I thought I would HATE these books. A drug addict as a heroine and enforcers as the male leads….but Stacia Kane’s writing reels you in. It’s heartbreakingly good stuff. I’m waiting for my library to get it in. Hopefully it won’t take too long. I have been off UF and para books for a long time now. I just can’t seem to get into them.

    Anyone read Briggs’ latest Alpha and Omega book, Fair Play?


    • Edyta

      I don’t read PNR in general, they are just too neat. Sometimes one will parade as UF and it annoys me. I especially dislike the life mate concept where it’s biology and they just meet and get in love. It’s lazy writing and boring reading (in 99% cases). BTW have either of you read anything by Meljean Brooks? Her books seem good but I’d like a trusted opinion.
      I don’t read Briggs at all. The whole shifter thing doesn’t appeal to me. My friend dropped off a box full of HRs (old and new). That’s where the Banks book came from. I have to go through it and see what will appeal to me. I saw some Penelope Williamson in there. Her books have high rating on the romance sites. I’m curious about her.


      • mo

        Yes, I agree, the life mate story line is a little predictable and in many ways un-romantic. I’m not a huge fan of Were stories but Briggs is definitely at the top of the game if you ever decide to try. Her books are low on the romance but it is meaningful romance, and hard love.

        A box full of HR…I’m excited for you;) I just finished Penelop Williamson’s The Outsider. It was alright it didn’t grab me like The Passions of Emma, which I thought was brilliant. I will be reading more of her books. She gets into the characters heads. There is a lot if introspection in the books I’ve read. Be prepared to be emotionally wrung out, that’s how I felt with TPOE.

        I am yet to read a Brooks book but she is on my TBR. I have heard great things about her books but haven’t gotten around to reading her yet. I think she falls in the PNR category but her works are a little darker. Let me know what you think if you try her out.


        • I have not read Williamson’s THE OUTSIDER, BUT the movie made from that book is one of my all time favorite romance flicks. Try to get it from the library or Amazon, great movie.


          • mo

            Dot, I haven’t watched the whole movie but was watching snippets on YouTube while reading the book. The book was very well written, and I found the ‘Plain’ people interesting. I just didn’t connect with it as much ad her other book. I will say though that Williamson puts a lot of work into making her books authentic. The settings and people feel very real.

            Will need to watch the whole film and see what they’ve done with the Dr’s storyline.


  5. I have read a M. Banks book, just remembered, Coulters’ Woman, I think was the name. About a woman who lives with 3 brothers. Is that the same author?

    I read Meljean Brooks’ THE IRON DUKE,I’m sure you would both like it, it is a good Steampunk novel.


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