Sexy Man Tuesday- Tim-Mark-Tim-Mark-Tim-Mark-etc.

By now you football nuts know that bible-toting Tim Tebow is signing on as back up Qb for the NY Jets.  I’m delighted, but I don’t know how throwing a good boy into the racy northeast might work out.  Guess we will have to wait and see.  And what about front man, Mark Sanchez?  Well he’s still top dog making over $40 mil.  Anyway, this isn’t a sports blog…no, no, this is where we delight in our sexy athletes.  So who is the sexiest Qb in the Jets lineup?

Tim Tebow-

Or Mark Sanchez-





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6 responses to “Sexy Man Tuesday- Tim-Mark-Tim-Mark-Tim-Mark-etc.

  1. Kayla

    Tim tebow. Hands down. Loooooove him.


  2. Krissy

    Sanchez..something about Tebows nose that I’m not digging. But I’m not really feeling either one. Maybe cause I hate the Jets. I miss seeing my Brett Favre..even tho he defected to the Jets for a season.


    • Shame Ms. Krissy! No one should ever “hate” the Jets. 🙂 They have had the corner on the sexy market since Joe Namath. They are famous for the “sack attack” and “the Refridgerator”. And yes, your Brett F. played for them for a season. (I didn’t know I had this much Jets trivia in me)


  3. jendnnir

    TEEEBOOOWWW all the way. Sorry in advance to the Sanchez fans but, Sanchez comes across like a douche to me.


  4. jendnnir

    TEEEBOOOWW all the way. Apologies in advance to the Sanchez fans but, he comes across as a total douche.


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