Sexy Man Tuesday- Your ABC’s

Here are your ABC’s for this week.  Don’t say you never learn anything on this blog.

A is for Adam

Adam Levine of Maroon 5

Don’t let him fool you, he’s not all that shy……

B is for Brad

Brad Pitt, of course

C is for Chris

Christopher Evans, Captain America



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6 responses to “Sexy Man Tuesday- Your ABC’s

  1. Kayla

    My vote is on A… B is too old and C is lacking sexy tattoos. Heard A is single too, which makes him even hotter.


    • Ms Kayla, there is no contest, they are all hot. AND B is not too old for some of us. There is something about Adam; he’s got a scary look in some photos. Maybe it is because of the tats. I’m a big Maroon 5 fan.


  2. Gracie ^..^

    1. Hmmm. Don’t like A. Don’t find tats sexy. Sorry, Kayla. 😉
    2. B is certainly sexy in that picture but his current hairstyle… Can I just say … Ewwwww! (I know, Dot, it’s the long hair thing again.)
    3. And C… Yes, please! (Since I can hardly see the tats.)


    • A. The tats don’t always do it for me either. His are not as attractive as some others I’ve seen.
      B. I like this pic and will just close my eyes to what he looks like otherwise.
      C. He is clean-cut in one pic and sexy-boy in the other. I like a versatile man.


  3. Krissy

    Is it hot in here or is it jus me?


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