Review- Death Echo by Elizabeth Lowell

Title: Death Echo

Genre: Suspense

Author: Elizabeth Lowell


Source: Purchase

Rating: 3

Sexy Rating: 4

Description from

When she joined St. Kilda’s, the elite security consulting firm, Emma Cross thought she’d left behind the blood, guilt, and Tribal Wars that defined her life at the CIA. Yet trading spying for investigating yacht thefts didn’t alleviate the danger.

With some arm-twisting, St. Kilda and Emma are tracking a yacht that went missing somewhere between Vladivostok and Portland a year ago. Emma knows the boat’s intended cargo is lethal. What she needs to find out is whether it’s biological, chemical, or fissionable. And she’s got only seven days to uncover the truth . . . or a major American city will be lost.

Fortunately, she’s working with a new partner as menacing and distrustful as the worst enemy she’s ever faced—and as deadly. Thrown together by an organization of enemies with global ties more dangerous than either of them realizes, Mac and Emma must put aside their growing attraction for each other to save more than just their own lives.


I had two friends recommend this book to me so I thought it was going to be a 5-star read.  Unfortunately it wasn’t.  It was exciting as a suspense novel should be but the characters spoke continually in spy-speak and euphemisms which after awhile started to grate on me.  Just call a spade a spade…please!  If you want to know how to run and navigate a yacht through the Pacific northwest then this is your book because there is never ending yachting instruction.  At this time I feel fully qualified to captain your yacht….even if the bad guys are after us.  Is it a bad book?  Absolutely not!  It tells a good story; it just wasn’t my kind of book.





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4 responses to “Review- Death Echo by Elizabeth Lowell

  1. mo

    ” At this time I feel fully qualified to captain your yacht…”…LOL 🙂 Dot, you crack me up. I get it though, sometimes there’s just too much information that becomes superfluous to the story. I understand authors need to do research, but there is a difference between telling a story and info-dumping for the sake of info-dumping.


    • I do realize that some people like books that go into the tiniest detail about a subject, I like it when there is a balance of info and story. Tom Clancy comes to mind as another author who is too over the top with tech info. Again too-much for me but not for others. Thanks for stopping by, Mo.


  2. Edyta

    HAHAHAHA sooo funny. When I do get around to my yacht purchase (must get a horse first you know) you will be the Skipper.


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