Changes to La Deetda Reads

I’m changing my posting from 5 days a week to Mon., Wed, Fri. posts.  This means Sexy Man Tuesday will only be a once-in-awhile post and will probably happen on Wednesdays.  I can’t think of a clever title for showing hot guys on Wednesday can you?  let me know your ideas. (my son-in-law, Dale, still is lobbying for a Fat Man Friday.  Not happening!!!) Otherwise I will continue to force on you  my opinions on books, TV and an infrequent movie plus my culinary trials and triumphs…..okay, maybe other stuff too.


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6 responses to “Changes to La Deetda Reads

  1. Loretta N.

    Hey Dot. I thought something was off today. No Hunks!

    How about Men to Weep Over Wednesdays?


  2. Edyta

    Force away!!! I understand (though I don’t like it) why you are introducing reductions as I can only imagine the amount of time this blog takes.


  3. Wowza Wednesdays? Wonderful Wednesdays? Wild Wednesdays? We Love Wednesdays?


  4. Loretta, Men to Weep Over????? LOL Don’t we have enough of that in our everyday lives.


  5. Wowza, Wonderful, Wild Man Wednesday…..that might work. I’ll keep it in mind, Donna.


  6. Dottie

    Cutting back to three days is ok, as long as you don’t give it up altogether! How about Wonderfully Sexy Man Wednesday!


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