Review- Lucian’s Fall by Barbara Samuel

Title:  Lucian’s Fall

Genre: Historical Romance

Author: Barbara Samuel

Publisher: Kindle, digital

Source: Amazon Free, now $4.99

Rating: 5

Sexy Rating: 5

Description from

Lord Lucien Escher is a renowed London rake who believes there is not a woman in the world who cannot be seduced–he is determined to prove it, come what may.

Madeline is determined to save her treasured ancestral home and has no use for love or the tricks of an unredeemable scoundrel. Against her better judgment, however, she is powerfully drawn to the elusive and dangerous Lucien, whose hard-hearted façade hides a tragedy that is slowly devouring him from within.

As Lucien and Madeline circle each other in a magnetic play of desire and denial, their passion will rise to a crescendo of longing and sacrifice that will change their fates forever.


Continuing on my quest for new-to-me authors, I came across this Free Kindle book back in January.  I just got around to reading it and if I had known it was this delightful I would have read it right away.

What is love?  In H.R.’S it is usually a cat and mouse game played by aristocrats.  Here it is not different except it feels very different.  The characters feel like real people not like the fairytale characters we have come to be familiar with in HR’s.  That Ms Samuels can evoke from the reader such a strong sense of timelessness and place shows she is an author of unique talent and ability. Her descriptions of violent rain does make us shudder with chills.  We can see the glowing colors of the flower gardens in the early morning mist.  This book immerses us in the story.

This novel is a romantic tour de force, complete with tortured hero in desperate need of redemption and the just-right heroine risking her all to redeem him.

I highly recommend this book, it is exceptional.



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5 responses to “Review- Lucian’s Fall by Barbara Samuel

  1. mo

    Wow, Dot! With that review, how can I NOT go out and buy this book immediately


    • Mo, I read this on Kindle, I know you have a Sony e-reader, can you read it on that? Or do you just get from another source? or convert? Or are you reading on the computer with a Kindle app? Geesh! I have alot of questions!!! However you do it this was a really good HR.


  2. mo

    I convert to epub. I have kindle on my phone also. Will definitely read this one. I just finished Judith Ivory’s Untie my Heart, and all I can say is WOWZER!! 🙂 it was an intense exciting read. Unusual HR leads, the tension and chemistry…and the way Ivory writes it. Edyta, I’m thinking you would enjoy this one too.


  3. Edyta

    I am looking this up up!!! It does sound good. Ok Dot, so I was away over the weekend and my reading material was Silk and Shadows at your recommendation. Oh soo good. It was such a great read. It all just worked (even Sara’s TSTL moment at the end) and I will be reading more Putney for sure.


    • I’m always happy when one of my rec’s is liked. I’ve got two Putney books in the TBR pile. I can’t remember the “silly” moment, read it all awhile ago and have read too many silly moments since. 🙂


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