Wowsa Wednesday Sexy Man- Michael Fassbinder

This is my first Wowsa Wednesday post.  Thanks to D.B. Reynolds for the “Wowsa” tag.

The only movie in which I have seen Michael Fassbinder  is Jane Eyre.  I liked him in that so I decided to Google some photos of him and found out he’s starred in many movies, Inglorious Bastards, Fish Tank, Shame, Hunger, Centurion, just to name a few.  So I guess once again I’m a bit slow….anyhow….He is hunky, and has a delightful habit of exposing his manly parts in movies.  Here are some PG rated pics of this Wowsa Wednesday Sexy Man.


From W Magazine




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7 responses to “Wowsa Wednesday Sexy Man- Michael Fassbinder

  1. Edyta

    He’s very sexy. I think he made the best Mr. Rochester to date.


  2. mo

    There is definitely something interesting about him. I’m going to go with Toby Stephens as my favourite Rochester. He had the perfect blend of playfullness, vulnerability and intensity. Although I did enjoy Fassbender.


  3. Lisa

    Perfect pick. I have been swooning over him for many years now. Plus, he has a lovely accent to as well. 🙂


    • Seems so many have known about Mr Fassbinder and I just discovered him. I LOVE lovely accents…..I’m not fussy, English, French, Italian….okay I just thought of a few that are not my faves….I won’t mention those.


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