Extra- Happy One Year Blogiversary La Deetda Reads

Here it is!  I’ve been at this for one year, blogging about books and hunky guys and food.  Thank you to all who have stayed with me and left comments, I live for the comments.  I did have to cut down from five days to three and I am pretty sure it will stay at the Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule.

Wow, I have learned a lot doing this blog!  The reason I started is no longer the reason I continue.  I started, thinking I would get to read books for free.  This was a case of be careful what you wish for.  Not only has that wish been fulfilled it has overwhelmed.  So I no longer look to get free books to read, I have plenty.  Now I review what I want to read, when I want to read it and review it.  I still strive to have a mix of older titles as well as new and upcoming books.

Well meaning people have encouraged me to put advertising on here.  (that is a way for bloggers to actually make a buck or two out of all this work)  I’m not going to do it.  Yes, I like being a poor blogger working for free.

Others have encouraged me to put up links to other sites for readers.  I do have a blogroll, up top there, of those blogs that are special to me but I think if you want to find those big book blogs and websites you will.  I do suggest that if you want some free Kindle books you should subscribe to http://ereaderiq.com , they will send you a daily list of the best freebies for Kindle.  I love that site.

Oh and yes, I am an Amazon groupie.  I do not apologise for it.  They have the best deals on most everything you could want.  Just because other retailers are jealous, Amazon gets dissed a lot.

I have learned that sex sells.  I really always knew this, that is why I started Sexy Man Tuesday and continue with Wowsa or Wild Wednesday.  These blog title days have brought the most hits to my blog.  So much for my reviews, sigh.  I no longer look for more and more hits.  I love the followers that follow me and welcome any and all who are new.  I have had over 66,000 visitors to my blog this year, that alone makes me swell with pride.  I am pleased to be well received.

What I hope for the year ahead is that when you stop in to read, look at the Hotties or copy down a recipe is that you will leave a comment.  I will always respond.  I want your opinions and recommendations.  Constructive criticism and advice is always welcome but I can’t guarantee I will follow it. 🙂 I do ask that you use polite language so as not to offend my delicate sensibilities.  My blog is rated PG-13.

If you have read this far then you are a true friend.  Friends get rewarded, or punished your choice.  Here, have some cake.

Or, if you’d rather…..



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16 responses to “Extra- Happy One Year Blogiversary La Deetda Reads

  1. mo

    Happy one year Dot! I’m so glad you started the blog and I found it :). I know you put in heaps of work to keep this going, please know that it is appreciated…A LOT. This is the one blog I really feel comfortable commenting on and that’s because you do take the time to reply.

    Here’s to many more years to come! 🙂


  2. Krissy

    Whooo hooo! Happy one year! This post made me smile! You should write a book!


  3. Jen D.

    Happy Blogiversary Dot! Happy to see you’re still in the game and enjoying it! =) Wishing you many more.


  4. Congratulations on the one year, Dot! I always read your reviews and look forward to the sexy men, of course. 😀


  5. Edyta

    Oh man, I’m late to the party (tardiness is actually a sad characteristic of mine). I’m so glad you started and have totally run away with the blog. It is such a comfortable and fun “spot” to visit. I love the reviews, and thank you for the many recommendations. I hope you keep this going for many years, your efforts are GREATLY appreciated.
    Now have a glass of wine 😀


  6. Judy

    Happy one yr. I knew u would be a hit with the bloggers. I’m so proud of u as always. I think u should finish the book u wrote & get it published & stop keeping all that talent u have to urself!!!!!! xxoo


  7. Happy One Year Blogging Dot! Keeping going. I really love what you put in to the blog. Gives me great new authors to keep trying.


  8. victoria

    dammm with someone like that who wouldnt goXD!!!


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