Wild Wednesday- Uncanny Hottie Look-Alikes

Do you believe in reincarnation?  Well these photos make me think it just might be possible, right down to genes.  I’m having a Twilight Zone moment.  Are you as impressed as I am?  Not to mention…okay I’ll mention…these guys are HOT both from the olden days to the present!

Samuel Butler, 1858 & Sacha Baron Cohen



John Allan, 1870, criminal & Jake Gyllenhaall


James Stark, actor, 1850 &  Michael Fassbinder (Remember him?)


Edward Steichein, photographer, 1917 & Aiden Quinn


Alexander H. Turnbull 1891  & Keanu Reeves

I got to browsing over at Tumblr and found these very interesting combos and had to reblog.  You can go there and see  these plus more just click here:  http://mydaguerreotypeboyfriend.tumblr.com/




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13 responses to “Wild Wednesday- Uncanny Hottie Look-Alikes

  1. mo

    That is so freaky, Dot! I can’t seem to stop looking…not because of the hotness (even though, yes, there is some of that) but…crikey! :P.


  2. Edyta

    Crikey indeed (I love the Aussie term too, will use it at some point today 😀 ).
    Can I just state AGAIN that Michael F is just H O T and once I saw him I had a hard time focusing on the other pics? Now that I had my teen moment of the day I will get back to work. Thanks for the really nice work pause Dot. These are pretty freaky though.


  3. mo

    I’m using it completely tounge-in-cheek. 🙂


    • Is there any other way to use it? Perhaps I’m not understanding the term. Isn’t it like “E-gads” or “WTF”? Educate me.


      • mo

        Yes Dot, you’re right.

        Definition taken from urban dictionary: An Australian exclamation of surprise or bewilderment. Interchangeable with words such as “Blimey” or “Struth”. Made famous by our champion crocodile hugger, Steve Erwin.
        “Crikey! What was that!” 🙂

        It’s used by what we call bogans. I think the America equivalent is ‘redneck’.


  4. Dottie

    Hot, yes!! Impressive, yes!! The look-alikes are quite unbelievable…wow! And yes, Michael F is quite a hottie!!


  5. It boggles the mind how close the pairs all look alike. The Aiden Quinn one I keep staring at. His counterpart looks just like him, its all in the eyes.


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