Extra- How fast do you read?

Here is a little fun test from Staples to see how fast you read.  Keep going to each “next page” for interesting information.  I confess, I’m a slo-o-ow reader.  I’m not even going to tell you how slow.  It is because I cherish every word.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.




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9 responses to “Extra- How fast do you read?

  1. I was 79% above the average adult, so didn’t think that was too bad. Good enough to admit to at any rate.


  2. I consider myself a fairly slow reader. This test tells me I’m 14% slower than the average adult, but my comprehension was excellent! LOL


  3. Judy

    According to the reading test I’m slow too. I did the test 30 min after waking from a horrible nights sleep. I wonder if it makes a difference when u take it. I’m going to experiment & I’ll let u know.


    • I would go back and retake the test like you and Jessica but since I’m as slow as my favorite author, I’ll rest on my slowness laurels. ( what the heck does “resting on ones laurels” mean anyway?)


  4. mo

    And I thought I was a fairly fast reader….not so :). I am about average (don’t you just love that term, way to make yourself feel good 😉 )


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