Review- Love Story by Janine Boissard

Title:  Love Story

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Author: Janine Boissard (translated from the French by Marilyn Achiron)

Publisher: in English by Amazon Crossing, 2012 (original French 2003)

Source: Free for review from Amazon Vine Program

Rating:  4.5

Sexy Rating: 5

Description from  Claudio Roman is a world-famous tenor and perhaps even more well known lothario. His life is the envy of men in all walks of life, until a fateful random attack leaves him a shell of his former self.

Now, three years later and no longer performing opera, he is still a singer in very high demand—but he knows he can’t be too careful about his security. Women still fawn over him too, so it is hard to understand why, when in need of a new aide and publicist to travel and be with him night and day, he would hire a small, average-looking woman who he will later compare to a sparrow.

Laura is surprised the morning after her twenty-sixth birthday party when she is called into the boss’s office and offered the job of accompanying Claudio Roman on his singing engagement—effective immediately. Hesitant at first, she accepts the opportunity and throws herself into it with all the professionalism she can bring. Soon becoming the only one Claudio requests from the agency, her dedication to making sure that Claudio has everything he needs at all times endears her to the singer. She takes her position so seriously, in fact, that she sees the opportunity to play her sincerity against his cynicism and bring him the hope he gave up long ago. As Laura desperately searches for ways to restore his confidence and stature as a premiere opera performer, she awakens feelings in Claudio he thought were lost forever.


This novel is written in three parts “Her” then “Him” then “Them”, each from that particular point of view.  It is so well developed that superlatives do seem not enough.  The translation from the French appears seamless although so lyrical that I wonder if in the French could be even better.  This is a Cinderella story.  A poor educated working girl and the mega-star singer.  Their love is not magical, although there is a fairy-godfather in the guise of talent agent David, it is slow developing and hard won.  We see the ego of the famous man and the temerity of the hired publicist, Laura.  Yes, she pities him but does everything in her power not to show it to him.  She recognizes that she loves him long before he has a clue to his feelings or hers.  This book loses a half point only in that I got a bit tired of the denial of feelings for so long in the book.

Janine Boissard is a prolific French author with over 40 novels.  Hopefully more will be translated for an American audience.



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9 responses to “Review- Love Story by Janine Boissard

  1. mo

    This sounds interesting Dot. I’m always on the lookout for a good contemporary romance. I’ve downloaded the sample, so will see how it goes.

    I just finished The Winter Sea by Susanna Kearsley (thanks to Edyta’s rec). I LOVED it. Such a beautifully written story. The historical detail was amazing. You can just feel the love Kearsley has for her characters jump off the page. I will be reading another of hers next.


    • I remember, and promptly forgot, about Edyta’s rec of THE WINTER SEA. I will put it on my wish list where hopefully it will not be forgotten again. Perhaps I will get lucky and find it at the BIG BOOK SALE at the Library on Friday.


  2. Edyta

    So glad you liked it. I must say it was one of my top reads last year. I hope you have a fruitful sale Dot. I am reading Hexed by Kevin Hearne right now. It’s a good UF.


    • I must read HEXED!! I loved HOUNDED and promised myself to read the entire series. The latest is TRIXED ?? I think that’s it. So many books to look for at the Sale. Only 4 days to go!!!! Can’t wait! Expect a blog about it. I’ll irritate everyone with my book-find-bragging.


  3. mo

    Dot, I’m so jealous of book sales and second hand book stores in the states. Seriously, my mind boggles at how cheap the books are. And they’re not even hardcover antiques from the 1970’s that have gone yellow and musty, but new/recent releases. It’s just not fair *said in a whiny five yr old voice while stomping my feet*!

    Edyta, it was great. I’m reading Mariana now, which is her time travel novel she wrote nearly 20 years ago. I’m not a huge fan of time travel but am enjoying it so far.


    • Don’t you have second hand bookstores or paperback exchange stores in Australia? What about flea market used book sales? If these are truly lacking then I suggest you open a store. You’d clean up.


      • mo

        Yes we do have them, but a second hand book here costs us what a full-priced book costs you in the states. We’re paying about $20 for a trade paperback new, about $14 for a mass market. Second hand they’re about half price. there are no $1/50c books (that are worthwhile anyway).


        • OMG! And here I go out and about bragging of all the books I find for next to nothing at these sales! I’m surprised you and my other international followers don’t read me the riot act. I am sorry but I’m afraid I will continue to post about freebies and fab finds. Feel free to delete.
          $14 for a paperback? Outrageous! $7 for a used paperback? Even more ourageous!


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