Review- Lucky At Love by Cynthia Hamilton

Title: Lucky at Love

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Author: Cynthia Hamilton

Publisher: Woodstock Press

Source: Free Kindle (now $5.99)

Rating: 3

Sexy Rating: behind closed doors

Description from

Many controversial topics have captured the interest of Allison Tyler-Wilcox in her 13 years as a journalist, but writting about the often-divorced never crossed her mind. Not, that is, until she encounters Jake Sorenson, a man who has been unsuccessfully married seven times, and by his own admission, has not closed the door on the possibility of tying the knot again. Far from being ashamed of his matrimonial failures, Jake considers himself to be uncommonly lucky at love. Smug in her own sense of marital security and superiority, Allison cannot get Jake and his seemingly ridiculous optimism out of her head. She wonders how some people could bring themselves to step up to the altar time after time with such unsatisfying, often disastrous results. Convincing her skeptical editor that she is on the a compelling story, Allison Begins her quest for understanding the resiliency of the human heart at the Buckin’ J Ranch, with Jake Sorenson as her primary source of research material. What she doesn’t realize until she comes face to face with the highly charismatic man once again is that she’s outmatched by Jake, an individual who has learned far more about love and life than she has at first appreciated.
Through mule back rides and impromptu tango dances, Jake reveals to Allison the details of his many marriages, his current entanglements, and his unconventional philosophy of life. Often at odds, Allison and Jake share spirited and provocative conversations, all of which leave Allison confused for the first time in her life – about her marriage, her ideals, and her feelings for the roguish mule breeder.


I went back and forth with my opinion of this book.  The subject was different than anything I had previously read so that was a plus. (I do like a shot of “different” now and then.)  The writing was good and most of the book was dialog that was smart, revealing and witty.  I was riveted to the story because it was a good plot.  I liked her characters; they were real people with real problems.

What I didn’t like so much was the slow beginning, it could have been shortened.  The section where Allison goes to Afghanistan could have been eliminated or just referred to in passing as it was too long and added nothing much to the story. The “girlfriends” were stereotypes of a clueless floozy and a drunken intellectual snob and both seemed not to fit with the personality of the hero.

So, do I recommend it or not?  It was “okay” and I’m glad I read it.  It could have been really good with a rewrite.



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