Review- Scandal’s Bride by Stephanie Laurens

Title: Scandal’s Bride (Bk 3 in the Cynster Series)

Genre: Historical Romance

Author: Stephanie Laurens

Publisher: Avon, 1999

Source: Purchase

Rating: 4

Sexy Rating: 5+

Description from author’s website ( ):

“He will father your children…”

When Catriona Hennessy, honorable Scottish Lady of the Vale, received this prediction, she was exceedingly aghast. How could she unite with a rake like Richard Cynster–a masterful man with a scandalous reputation? More shocking still was her guardian’s will that decreed she and Richard be wed within a week! Though charmed by his commanding presence, and wooed by his heated kisses, she would not–could not–give up her independence.

So she formed a plan to get the heir she needed without taking wedding vows. Richard was just as stunned by the will’s command. Marriage had not previously been on his agenda, but lately he’d been feeling rather…restless. Perhaps taming the lady was just the challenge he needed. But can he have the rights of the marriage bed without making any revealing promises of love?


As regular readers of this blog will note, I am reading my way through Lauren’s Cynster series.  Here is another excerpt from the author’s website about this series which now has 18 books.


The first six Cynster books deal with the stories of the six cousins known to the ton as the Bar Cynster. Subsequent books deal with other members of the Cynster family, extended family, and close friends.

The contrast of gracious and elegant manners forming a wafer-thin facade over strong and dominant male emotions such as possessiveness and protectiveness is a constant throughout all the Cynster books. The affinity of such warrior males for strong willed women and the ability of their chosen ladies to exact complete and unswerving commitment to themselves, to marriage, and to family, forms the central tenet of the series.

All the Cynster novels are ‘Regency-Era Historicals’, or Historicals set in the Regency. This type of novel is both longer than traditional Regencies and involves plot elements beyond the social mores/comedy of manners elements that are the hallmark of any romance set in the Regency. Stephanie’s Regency-era Historicals contain adventure and/or mystery elements, often both, played out against the visually-, dramatically- and emotionally-rich background of the Regency. All her Regency-era Historicals are long, more than 120,000 words.


Now about this book, this one was heads and tails better than book #2, A RAKE’S VOW.  There was the strong touch of the mystical in this offering.  Catriona was for all intents, a witch.  Well of course she was a good witch, always looking out for the people of her estate lands known as The Vale.  It was a calling she put above everything else in her life.  Richard “Scandal” Cynster was a Rake of the first order and his own restlessness led him to consider the strange bequest of Catriona’s guardian.

Stephanie Lauren’s can weave a truly wonderful story and I was so happy that this one was indeed different from the first two in the series.  She brings her characters to life with intriguing personalities.  Her side characters are so intriguing that I wish for more of them in the story.  There is still lots of sex that left me exhausted just thinking about how our protagonists managed in between sessions in the sheets.  Of course, this is romance and our hero is tall, handsome, protective, intelligent, sexy (and insatiable) and wealthy.  Our heroine is strong, beautiful, loving, capable, a virgin (who becomes insatiable) and supportive of her man.  There is a suspenseful element in the plot that is fairly easy to deduce.  There is nothing not to like about the Cynster men and their lady loves are paragons of womanhood.

All in all this is a fabulous addition to the Cynster Series.  I look forward to reading more.

The Cynster Series books I have read and reviewed: (use the author’s name in my “search” widget on the left to find these reviews)

  1. Devil’s Bride (4.5 stars)
  2.  A Rake’s Vow (3.5 stars)
  3. Scandal’s Bride (4 stars)

14. A taste of Innocence (3 stars)

The Cynster Sisters Trilogy:

  1. Viscount Breckenridge to the Rescue (3.5 stars)

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