Review- Wallflower: Book 1The Old Maids Club by Catherine Gayle

Title: Wallflower (Bk 1, The Old Maids Club)

Genre: Historical Romance

Author: Catherine Gayle

Publisher: Night Shift Publishing

Source: Kindle Free

Rating: 4.5

Sexy Rating: 5

Description from

The choice between adhering to a long-held pact and finally accepting love could prove Lady Tabitha Shelton’s unhinging. She is plump, plain, pleasant . . . and thoroughly unappealing to any of the men of the ton—apart from fortune hunters. A self-appointed wallflower, she has every intention of remaining one. Tabitha made a vow of spinsterhood with her cousins when they were girls, and she refuses to go back on her word. So far, she’s proven herself quite adept at warding off the blasted fortune hunters’ pursuits.

Noah deLancie, Marquess of Devonport, would prefer to marry for love and companionship—he’s a gentleman through and through—but circumstances have forced his hand: he needs money as badly as he needs a bride. When Noah’s brother-in-law suggests pursuit of his sister, Tabitha, a woman with a dowry large enough to cause even Croesus to blush and who is tantalizingly good company to boot, Noah stumbles into the future he hopes to secure. He’ll stop at nothing to convince Tabitha to marry him.

Nothing, that is, except perhaps the barrel of a dueling pistol, held to his face by his ladylove.


I loved this book.  It was filled with a feisty heroine (often misguided but certainly sympathetic), a hero to die for and a scrappy, loving family.  It reminded me of the delightful Bridgerton Series by Julia Quinn.  The villain was smarmy and evil and we longed for his comeuppance. Ms Gayle created these delightful characters that engaged me from the first page. I highly recommend this well written historical regency novel.






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12 responses to “Review- Wallflower: Book 1The Old Maids Club by Catherine Gayle

  1. mo

    You rated it. It’s free. I downloaded it. One more to my ever growing pile. I downloaded a heap of freebie HRs a couple of weeks back. All unknown authors, but hey, every author was unknown at some stage.


    • I’m a bit better than 50/50 on the fabulous free Kindle front. I’ve read some really, really good books for free (like this one) and then I’ve delved into some stinkers also. Many of those I don’t finish and don’t review. The only time I’ll review a DNF book is when I feel the world needs to be warned away and on those books I usually finish just to be fair in the review. Hm-m-m TMI? I think I’m rambling here. You will like this one, Mo.

      I’m half-way through Scandalous Desires by Hoyt. I bit the bullet and bought the book. Set aside everything else to read it and now know I’ll have to get the next in the series too. Love this Maiden Lane Series!


  2. mo

    Well, with the massive rise in self publishing it’s becoming harder to find new authors. There are some great self pubbed authors out there but finding them is hard. I’m expecting to have a lot of DNFs.

    I loved Micky. It is such a great series. I had misgivings about it, mainly the names. Could slap myself now. See kiddies, do not judge a book by it’s cover, or the name/s if its protagonists. 🙂


    • Re: Maiden Lane: LOL, What gets me is the titles. These books are really good and the titles make them sound like something that should be hidden behind plain brown wrappers.

      I can be more understanding about the names, I’m guessing you are talking about “Silence” and “Temperance”. Those were common names of the religiously devout in that time. I’m betting “Winter” was born in January and I give up on Concord and Asa although I like Asa (I hope he gets a book).


      • mo

        Temperance I can handle, but Silence and Winter! But hey, I’m converted. I have it on Elizabeth Hoyt’s (via Twitter) authority that Artemis Greaves, lady Penelope’s companion, gets her own book. I loved her in Thief of Shadows. I’d say the unmarried brothers will definitely get a book each. I can see this series going for a while. If the books are as good as what I’ve read so far, I say keep them coming!.


  3. Edyta

    Wow those names are really (!!!) bad


  4. Edyta

    Ok ok. I will give it a ty. But I promise I will roll my eyes every time I read Winter or (insert a serious, headache inducing eye roll) Silence. I’m almost done GoT #4 so I will read the first Hoyt after that. 😀


    • LOL, eye rolling? after reading about Bran, Sensa, Arya, Tyrion, Cersei and lets not forget Daenerys. Hm-m-m me thinks George R.R. has some name issues also. 😉


      • Edyta

        LOL touché Dot … you so got me. It is clear I have displayed some book snobbery. His names ARE crazy (though I do really like Arya). I’m glad for the show as I know I’d have trouble reading some of these 😀


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