Review- Christmas Cash by Maggie Casper

Title:  Christmas Cash

Genre: Erotic novella

Author: Maggie Casper

Publisher: Elora’s Cave, 2009

Source: Kindle Free

Rating: 2

Sexy Rating: 5+

Description from

If you can’t beat him, irritate the hell out of him. Moving back home to Chaos, Texas wasn’t working out quite the way Noelle had planned. The last thing she expected was a seasonal job that included dressing up as Mrs. Claus while ringing a bell for charity, but thanks to Cash McCain, she wasn’t left much of a choice. Cash can’t believe what ten years can do for a woman. The last time he’d seen Noelle, she’d been all knees and elbows. Now a woman grown yet still ten years his junior, thus too young for him, Noelle has filled out in a way that should be illegal. When Cash refuses her a job at Raising Cain, a Texas honky-tonk run by the McCain siblings, she takes it upon herself to make his life miserable. Who could have imagined the damage a tiny, tinkling bell could cause to a man’s sanity? But when things heat up, Cash begins to think that raising a little cane with the likes of Noelle might not be such a bad thing after all.



Yes, there are some things I read that are just terrible.  I don’t often tell you about them preferring to give you recommendations of the good to great things I read.  But lest you think I’m a Pollyanna when it comes to books, I’ve decided to tell you about this stinker.


There is very little character development but lets face it how much can you get into 49 pages?  Obviously you can get in a lot of sex which seems rather second thought for the male protagonist.  He is more concerned with punishing the female Protagonist and when he becomes aroused…well might as well finish the encounter.  There is spanking in this novella as well as a boorish Cash and a slutty Noelle.  Noelle is so desperate to get sex from Cash that she will even risk it in the bar backroom where any one of his brothers can walk in and obviously they did view the event.   The only nod to the holiday is the fact that Noelle rings a bell for a charity on the street corner. I’m not likely to read this author again. Even for Free.  AND the cover is awful.

P.S.- I was going to save this review for the holidays but I don’t want to sully the season.





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5 responses to “Review- Christmas Cash by Maggie Casper

  1. mo

    The cover….no. words.


  2. I have to agree before I read your review I saw the cover and laughed. It looked like a cheesy scene from a soap opera.


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