Review- The Last Bride In Ballymuir by Dorien Kelly

Title: The Last Bride In  Ballymuir

Genre: Contemporary Irish Romance

Author: Dorien Kelly

Publisher: Koa’e Press, 2012

Source: Kindle Free

Rating: 4

Sexy Rating: 5

Description from

A Romance Writers of America RITA Award finalist!

When Michael Kilbride, a handsome man with a dark past, arrives in the Irish village of Ballymuir, rumors begin to fly. While many turn against him, one woman steps forward–the village’s beloved schoolteacher, Kylie O’Shea. Kylie’s friends have long believed that proper Kylie is bound to fulfill the local legend of being the last bride in Ballymuir. But sparks soon ignite between Michael and Kylie. Will Kylie, who also hides secrets, find the courage to confront her past and claim passion as her own?


This is a not always lovely glimpse at life in a small town in Ireland.  The romance is heartfelt and heartwarming.  The obstacles to overcome are full of danger and we fear that love will not be able to overcome them.  The characters are real and not one dimensional.  The townspeople are like most small townspeople, gossipy and tight knit. We do fall in love with Michael and ache for his seemingly unsolvable problems.  We admire Kylie for her code of honor and for her growth from shy girl to forthright woman.

The author has created wonderful characters that demand admiration.  This is a unique story and very satisfying.


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