Review- The Birthday Scandal by Leigh Michaels

Title:   The Birthday Scandal

Genre: Historical Romance

Author: Leigh Michaels

Publisher:  Montlake Romance (Amazon), Sept 2012

Source: Free for review from Amazon vine Program

Rating: 4.5

Sexy Rating: 5

Description from

the wealthy Duke of Weybridge knows that everyone loves a good surprise…and a good scandal. He has bounteous amounts of both for the guests—particularly for his nieces and nephew, Emily, Isabel, and Lucien—at his extravagant seventieth birthday ball. They think his promise to improve their lives means a generous stipend. But he’s got different gifts in mind: finding them the perfect matches. His task won’t be easy, because the Arden siblings have given up on love.

Bachelor Lucien spends more time merrymaking than looking for a proper wife. His sister Emily, broken-hearted when her betrothal ended in disgrace, committed herself to an early spinsterhood. And Isabel’s marriage has been troubled from the moment it began—with a terrible betrayal on her wedding night.

Though witty and strong-willed, the siblings are no match for their uncle’s wily machinations. And as the celebration approaches, his romantic scheming ignites illicit liaisons and irresistible temptations, sparking enough rumors to keep the ton abuzz until his next birthday.


Leigh Michaels has written many novels, over 100 I believe,  and this is one that HR readers should not miss.  It is a delightful story, characters are well written and there is enough will-she-or-won’t he to entertain.  We know the Duke and the Earl are pulling some strings and we are kept reading to the very end to find out how things are accomplished.  And it seems that the accomplishment needs very little encouragement from the Duke and Earl.

The setting is a house party which gives this English Regency the flavor of a French farce.  Although there are not belly laughs this book does keep a smile on your face.




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