Review- Improper Relations by Janet Mullany

Title: Improper Relations

Genre: Historical Romance

Author: Janet Mullany

Publisher: Headline Pub. Group, 2010

Source: purchase

Rating: 4

Sexy Rating: 5

Description from

After losing best friend and distant cousin Ann Weller in marriage to the Earl of Beresford, sharp-witted Charlotte Hayden feels inclined to be even ruder than usual to potential suitors. But after a compromising liaison with Beresford’s wicked, wayward cousin, Shad, she’s suddenly propelled into a reluctant marriage, and finds herself missing Ann more than ever. But when Ann returns from her honeymoon, she drops a bombshell—not only is she not sure she loves Beresford, she’s also had a child out of wedlock, and is planning to betray her husband with her former lover. Charlotte’s realization that she’s falling in love with Shad only serves to make her dilemma even worse: should she keep Ann’s secret, or tell her husband the truth?



This entire book is wickedly witty, I am sure if we were fortunate to meet the author she would prove to be a most entertaining conversationalist.  The story is almost farcical in it’s plotting.  The drama is heightened by the consequences of keeping secrets.  We are fond of and protective of Charlotte, we want to tell Shad that he is getting things wrong, we are never quite sure about Ann and to put a topping on this Sundae there is a surprise.  I recommend this book for a light read that will make you smile.

(I also highly recommend Janet Mullany’s The Rules of Gentility)




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2 responses to “Review- Improper Relations by Janet Mullany

  1. mo

    Isn’t she a wonderful writer. I just wish more people knew about her. Her HR books are so much fun, and even though they are of the light and fluffy kind, there is so much wit and wordplay that it makes the read a thoroughly entertaining one. The only problem is that not many libraries stock her books here, and they are expensive to buy.


    • Yes, I agree, Mo. she is such a good writer. she has a delightful sense of humor that is witty and smart without being slapstick or silly. I have trouble finding her books also. I paid top dollar for this one.


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