Review- Desires of a Perfect Lady by Victoria Alexander

Title:  Desires of a Perfect Lady

Genre: Historical Romance, Victorian

Author: Victoria Alexander

Publisher: Avon,  2010

Source: Purchase

Rating: 3.5

Sexy Rating: 5

Description from

secret list of the desires of Lady Olivia Rathbourne:

  1. Disregard convention
  2. Follow my heart
  3. Bed the Earl of Wyldewood

A decade ago, Olivia had expected to marry the Earl of Wyldewood, only to have happiness stolen from her before his ring could be placed upon her finger. Now he stands before her, as proud and arrogant and handsome as ever, vowing to rescue her. Well, he’s got some nerve turning up after all these years. Where was he when she needed him?

As for the earl, scandal has never touched him nor has impropriety ever besmirched his name. But his penchant for doing the expected does have his family calling him, well, dull. Isn’t it time to flaunt society’s conventions and do what he’s always wanted? And first on his list: Olivia in his bed—with or without a wedding.


This story started off slow but with a good premise that kept me reading.  Olivia is a recent widow who was married to an evil man.  In order for her to inherit what is her due, she must complete three of his antiquity collections.  She enlists the aid of the Earl in her international quest.  There were good moments throughout the book which did make it an above average read but I just felt it dragged on too long.  I also didn’t feel the connection between Olivia and the Earl.  They were speaking about feelings but it just didn’t give them any chemistry together.




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