Review- A Gentleman Undone by Cecilia Grant

Title:  A Gentleman Undone

Genre: Historical Romance

Author: Cecilia Grant

Publisher: Bantam, Random House, 2012

Source: Purchase

Rating: 4

Sexy Rating: 5

Description from

Lydia Slaughter understands the games men play—both in and out of the bedroom. Not afraid to bend the rules to suit her needs, she fleeces Will Blackshear outright. The Waterloo hero had his own daring agenda for the gaming tables of London’s gentlemen’s clubs. But now he antes up for a wager of wits and desire with Lydia, the streetwise temptress who keeps him at arm’s length.

A kept woman in desperate straits, Lydia has a sharp mind and a head for numbers. She gambles on the sly, hoping to win enough to claim her independence. An alliance with Will at the tables may be a winning proposition for them both. But the arrangement involves dicey odds with rising stakes, sweetened with unspoken promise of fleshly delights. And any sleight of hand could find their hearts betting on something neither can afford to risk: love.


Cecilia Grant delivers realism wrapped up in her romance.  This is no sweet, gentle love story.  It is about a prostitute and a guilt ridden ex soldier.  In this follow-up to Grant’s A LADY AWAKENED we are introduced to Will who has returned from the war with France beleaguered with guilt over his role in the war.  It is not necessary to have read “Lady Awakened” to enjoy this book although some characters from the first book do make an appearance.

This book is about two people who are miles apart in social status but who have the same goal, to make enough money to make a better life for themselves and others.

The writing is crisp and sensual.  Lydia is the harlot with heart who makes no excuses for her chosen path.  She is also a mathematical genius which accounts for her success at the card tables.  Will is smart enough to realize that Lydia might be the key to his gaining wealth also.  Together they are a reckoning force.   Yes, there is romance, sex after a long build up, and action.  Secrets are revealed although we can guess.

I recommend this book to Romance fans who want a bit of grit and a touch of the lower classes in their Historical fare.



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5 responses to “Review- A Gentleman Undone by Cecilia Grant

  1. mo

    Exactly Dot, she writes very real characters that you may not always like, but understand. I really want to read this one. I’ve read her debut and enjoyed it. It was very character driven. She’s a writer to keep an eye on.


    • I really like it when I find an author with a slightly different take on the genre. That is what creativity is all about. AND it makes for reigniting my interest in the genre. I do view my historical romances as fairytales and don’t mind occasional trolls under the bridge as long as someone gets to go to the ball.


  2. Edyta

    Dot, I hope all is ok with you. I know you’re not right in New York but we had crazy winds for a few days because of Sandy and I’m like 1000 miles away!!!! Really hope you and all your people are ok.


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