Extra- Deet’s 18 month blogoversary

Yes, I’ve been at this for 18 months.  For all that time I’ve read hundreds of books and told you all about most of them.  I confess that I have been on a Historical Romance kick for most of that time.  Oh, yeah, I throw in a thriller or mystery now and then, even some literary fiction  but those Regency Era aristocrats really do it for me.  I love the authors that can introduce sophisticated, witty humor into their romance novels, I don’t love authors who try too hard to be funny.  But that is just me,  I read and review books that interest me so that means I’m not reviewing books that are foisted on me by publishers or authors.  I choose what I review and that often means I like the book, not always.  But to celebrate my blogoversary I thought this video from Samhain Publishers had just the right amount of champagne and skin. I hope you laugh as hard as I did.



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6 responses to “Extra- Deet’s 18 month blogoversary

  1. Paul Salvagin

    This video really makes up for not having a sexy man Tuesday anymore. Where do you find this stuff?


  2. Edyta

    LOL to the video. Congrats Dot. Here’s to many more!!!


  3. mo

    Oh Dot, that is freaking hilarious. How did that guy keep a straight face!

    Happy 18th blogoversary!


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