Heads-Up Holiday Romance Book Reviews Ahead

sexy santa-IMG_1395

From now until the end of 2012 I will be posting holiday themed romance book reviews.  Some have been great and some not so good but all deal with Christmas or the holiday season.  I think this must be a big sell time for these types of books because they seem to be everywhere on the bookstore shelves and on the book seller websites.  And I’ve been culling some from the used bookstore.  My favorites turn out to be an anthologyand a novel.  I’m sure when you read the reviews you will know which one it is. Here is a sample of the books I will review.

A visit from sir nicholasA Christmas PromiseLady Sophie's Christmas WishLady Louisa's ChristmasA Regency Christmas lllMischief and Mistletoekissing under the mistletoe



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3 responses to “Heads-Up Holiday Romance Book Reviews Ahead

  1. Hi Dot! Great minds think alike it seems. I’m reading seasonal romances in December as well – A Sinful Regency Christmas (an anthology), Lady Sophie’s Christmas Wish ( snap), A Winter Wife – A Christmas Novella by Anna Campbell and A Wallflower Christmas by Lisa Kleypas.


    • I love reading these holiday romances at this time of the year. Puts me in the Christmas spirit but I must say that many are not all that “Christmasy”. They could have been set at any time of the year but were titled “Christmas” to sell in December. I’m so-o-o cynical. LOL


      • Dot, I know what you mean! I’ve just read two stories in an anthology and there was no mention of warm crackling fires, Christmas trees, turkey dinners, mistletoe, holly etc. etc. – all those things that mean Christmas to me! 🙂


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