Holiday Romance- A Visit From Sir Nicholas by Victoria Alexander

Title:  A Visit From Sir Nicholas

Genre: Historical Romance

Author: Victoria Alexander

Publisher: Avon, 2004

Source: purchase

Rating: 3.5

Sexy Rating: 5

Christmasy Feeling: 4


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Young Elizabeth has grown up knowing that she would marry Charles.  She is even sure of her affection for him until she falls in lust with his best friend Sir Nicholas Collingsworth.  But Nicholas, who feels love for Lizzie, will not hurt his best friend and goes off to seek his fortune in America and Lizzie marries Charles.  Ten years pass and Charles has died leaving his estate and Lizzie’s future in the hands of Nicholas. Lizzie fights the control of her future by Nicholas but Nick is determined to win her love.


This was a lovely Christmas offering with passages of Dickens’s A Christmas Carol interspersed throughout the book.  The author has well developed characters and the dialog is smart and sassy and sometimes profound.

“I should do something about that if I were you,” Jules said

“He does not belong to me, Jules.”  Elizabeth shrugged.  “I have no claim on him.”

“I should do something about that too.”  Jules studied Nicholas for a moment.  “He is rather a catch.”

“If one were seeking a salmon.  I however am not in the mood for a fish course.”  She flashed her   sister a wicked grin.  “Only dessert.”

The plot is well conceived.  We understand Lizzie’s reluctance to become involved with Nicholas again.  We are also led to understand why Nicholas has acted as he has.  The only thing left for us to wonder about is how they will each become aware  that their grand passion is love.


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