Review- How to deceive A Duke by Lecia Cornwall

Title:  How to Decieve a Duke

How to Deceive A Duke

Genre: Historical Romance

Author: Lecia Cornwall

Publisher: Avon, 2012

Source: Kindle purchase, $1.99

Rating: 3

Sexy Rating: 5

Description from

When her stubborn sister runs off the night before her arranged marriage, Meg Lynton
hardly hesitates before donning the wedding veil and walking down the aisle herself. It’s the only way to save her family from sure destitution. By the time her wealthy groom discovers he has married the wrong sister, it will be too late to annul their vows. And too late for Meg to escape her wifely duty to a man reputed to be a devil in battle and the bedroom . . .

A bride is the last thing Nicholas Hartley, Duke of Temberlay, wants. Then he sees Meg and realizes that his wedding night will be a great pleasure indeed. But aside from the agreeable business of begetting an heir, Temberlay will never change his wicked ways for a wedding vow—until he discovers Meg’s deception, and decides to teach the scheming beauty how to be a proper duchess, kiss by devastating kiss . . .


There is almost too much misunderstanding, secrets,  flighty mother, scheming grandmother and idiotic men.  So I think that this book was just not for me.  I could not like many side characters and even the hero left a lot to be desired.  The only admirable character was Meg the heroine, and even she had her unrealistic moments.   The author can write well enough and in fact, I have enjoyed immensely another of her books go to the link for a review.

Secrets of a Proper Countess




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