Deet’s Life- My Not So Good Time With An Author

Every now and then I get it into my head to go to a local bookstore to hear an author speak. So when I heard that Randy Wayne White was speaking on his new book, NIGHT MOVES, at Barnes and Noble I gathered two RW White fans from the neighborhood and we got there early to get a seat. Randy showed up right on time and was very humorous speaking about writing his books and writing in general. He answered questions from the crowd and always managed to get a laugh. After about a half hour we stood in line to have him sign our books.
I was in the first group so it didn’t take longer than about 20 minutes to reach the head of the line.  He was being very friendly to everyone, that is…everyone but me.   Of course my book was an advanced reader copy and that may have put him off, since I didn’t buy the book at the store, or when I told him I gave him a 4-star review on Amazon he questioned why it wasn’t 5 stars, maybe that was it but when my friend took our picture I said, “ you want to be on the blog”. He said “no”. He really gave me a lot of attitude, which ticked me off since I did like his book and since I did promote it both here on the blog on Feb.18, 2013 and on Amazon. So whatever his beef, and I will probably never know, it shows that authors are not always friendly even to those who potentially could mean sales for them.  I think I’ll pass on the next Randy Wayne White book to review. I don’t think it will bother him one little bit. DARN!  Here is a photo of me with Randy, I’m smiling but I’m not happy.  Oop’s, Randy is on the blog, like it or not.

Deet and Randy Wayne White

Okay, thanks for letting me get that off my chest.  This is not the first time I’ve found that an author is not happy with reviewers. Sometimes they are in “ celebrity mode” even if they have only sold 10 books to their mother. Unlike Mr White who has a cult following here in Florida and is a local celebrity definitely in celebrity mode.



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8 responses to “Deet’s Life- My Not So Good Time With An Author

  1. Dot, definitely a case of how not to make friends and how not to influence people!!


    • I’m still scratching my head over his attitude. Of course, I came home thinking about the dozens of things I could have said back to him if I had only been less shocked by his attitude.


  2. judy

    It’s to bad life is so full of jerks, isn’t it?
    Darth u look great. Miss u.


  3. Edyta

    Wow ok. Is he dumb? I have never heard of him, nor would I, if it wasn’t for your BLOG (free publicity guy…hello). I always think it is funny when authors are surprised that not all readers give their books 5 stars. Are they readers?? Is every book they read a 5 star book? But he sounds like a kind of a guy who thinks only HIS books deserve 5 stars. I’ll be sure to pass on him.


  4. mo

    Yikes Dot! Ditto to what Edyta said. Sounds like a douche.


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