Review- What Happened At Midnight by Courtney Milan

Title: What Happened at Midnight

What happened at Midnight

Genre: Historical Romance/novella

Author: Courtney Milan

Publisher: Courtney Milan, 3-14-2013

Source: Free for review from the author

Rating: 4

Sexy Rating: 3

Description from

when John Mason discovers that his fiancée’s father has embezzled thousands of pounds from their mutual business, he’s furious. When Mary, his betrothed, flees, taking the money and all the evidence with her, he’s outraged. He plans to bring the woman he once loved to account–and he’ll shed no tears when he does. But when he finds Mary, she’s not living a life of luxury. Instead, she’s, serving as a companion in exchange for a pittance. The more he attempts to untangle the truth, the more he remembers why he first loved Mary…and how much he wishes he could do so again.


This novella is reissued by the author in Kindle format for $.99.  It originally appeared in the book MINDNIGHT SCANDALS (Aug. 2012).  {Deet’s readers, even if you don’t have a Kindle you can read Kindle books on your smart phone or computer.  Just go to and search for Kindle reading apps.   Easy Peasey.}

A novella by Courtney Milan is like eating one or two Bon-Bons, you savor and moan with the deliciousness but when you are finished you crave more.  This one is a stand-alone story not connected with any series.  There are twists and surprises and lots of lust and longing along with dollops of misunderstandings.  We are not sure what secret is being hidden by Mary but it is something that she does everything in her power to keep to herself.  There is a complicated plot in this short book but Ms Milan walks us through it until we are cheering for our hero and heroine.  There are several side characters who are evil and although we hope they get their comeuppance we are not sure how that will ever happen.  All in all one terrific read to while away a rainy day or a sunny one on the beach.

In case you were wondering when the next full length Brother Sinister Series book is published, it will probably be in May.

The Heiress Effect

Meanwhile you can read all of Courtney’s novellas in one book

A Novella Collection price: $14.99 paperback and $2.99 Kindle.

The stories contained in A NOVELLA COLLECTION:

  1. The Governess Affair (Brother’s Sinister Series prequel)
  2. A Kiss for Midwinter  (Brother Sister Series –follow-up to BOOK #1,THE DUCHESS WAR)
  3. The Lady Always Wins(stand-alone)
  4. What Happened at Midnight(stand alone)

(All of these novellas and stories have been reviewed on this blog.  Use the search box on the left hand column to read these reviews and the review for THE DUCHESS WAR)


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