Review- Farewell, Dorothy Parker by Ellen Meister

Title: Farewell, Dorothy Parker

Farewell, dorothy Parker

Genre: General Fiction

Author: Ellen Meister

Publisher: Putnam Adult, Feb. 2013

Source: Free for Review from the Amazon Vine Program

Rating: 4.5

Sexy Rating: 5 – behind closed doors

Description from

What if inspiration came to visit…and wouldn’t leave?

When it comes to movie reviews, critic Violet Epps is a powerhouse voice. But that’s only because she’s learned to channel her literary hero, Dorothy Parker, the most celebrated and scathing wit of the 20th century.

If only Violet could summon that kind of courage in her personal life.

Determined to defeat her social anxiety, Violet visits the Algonquin Hotel to pull strength from the hallowed dining room, where Dorothy Parker and so many other famous writers of the 1920s traded barbs. But she gets more than she bargained for when Dorothy Parker’s feisty spirit rematerializes from an ancient guestbook and hitches a ride onto her life.

Violet is shocked and thrilled to be face-to-face with her idol, but when the gin-swilling writer takes up residence in her home and grows pricklier and more outspoken by the day, the timid movie critic is pushed to her limit. With her job threatened, her new relationship in tatters, and the custody fight for her orphaned niece in jeopardy, Violet is forced to face her fears …and she makes sure Mrs. Parker does the same.


This is an adult coming of age story, or perhaps it might be better to characterize it as a forced assertiveness training story.  Violet is truly reluctant to speak up on behalf of herself and she takes coaching from the literary world’s foremost outspoken writer, Dorothy Parker’s ghost.  Parker is not going to let Violet cry off on asserting herself at work, at home and certainly not with the handsome, kind man who wants to date her.

This is a fun story filled with the wit of Dorothy Parker.  I think it might do us all good if we could channel Parker’s ghost to give us some back bone.  The plot is rife with humor, drama and pathos.  The character of Parker is well researched and although fictionalized rings with authenticity.  There is a romance within these pages although it is not the main focus of the book.  We do hope for Violet’s happy-ever-after for she does grow with leaps and bounds and we wish it for her.

I highly recommend this feel good book.

P.S.-My neighbor read this book and thought it not funny, and sophomoric.  As you can read above, I disagree.  I found it funny and not in the least bit pretentious.  Different strokes for different folks.


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