Review- To Wed in Scandal by Liana LeFey

Title: To Wed in Scandal

To Wed In Scandal

Genre: Historical Romance

Author: Liana LeFey

Publisher: Montlake Romance, May 7, 2013

Source: Free for review from Amazon Vine Program

Rating: 4

Sexy Rating: 5

Description from

For Lady Sabrina, it’s a case of too many suitors…

Lady Sabrina Grayson is determined to avoid the kind of reckless love that ruined her mother’s happiness, instead setting her sights on a very sensible alternative: Lord Francis Fairford. But before she can attract his notice, a very different sort of man enters her life. He’s everything Sabrina thinks she doesn’t want, yet her traitorous body says otherwise.

Once upon a time, he was her childhood nemesis. Now Henry Herbert, Viscount Montgomery, has grown into a darkly handsome and ruthlessly seductive man―a man who desires the woman he once called a pest. Soon their tempestuous kisses are the talk of London. When competition from other suitors results in a vindictive kidnapping, Henry races to rescue his beloved and convince her that the only fitting end for her scandalous Season is to surrender her body—and her heart—to him…


Sabrina is nineteen and having her first season where she expects to land a husband.  She wants a man who is compatible, but not one she can fall in love with.  Her father and mother had a passionate love, but after four daughters he became a philanderer and Sabrina witnessed her mother’s distress.  Sabrina thinks if she doesn’t love her husband then she won’t care what mistresses he takes. Lord Montgomery arrives on the scene, after knowing her as a pesky nine year old, to fall in love with her and to make her fall for him.  Sabrina is steadfast in not marrying for love and sets out to find suitors that don’t “stir her blood”.  This leads her to break a few hearts and also to a dangerous liaison.

This is another delightful novel from Liana LeFey, her first being Countess So Shameless.   We have a headstrong , often immature heroine but one who is most likely acting her age.  We have a to-die-for hero who does act his age.  There is romance, danger, action and heated encounters.  The plot is original in a genre that is often not very original.  Ms LeFey leaves us wanting more from her, I can’t wait for the next book.


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4 responses to “Review- To Wed in Scandal by Liana LeFey

  1. Like your review, Dot. This sounds another possible book to add to my ever-growing wish-list!


  2. Thank you, it was a good one. Love the cover!


  3. From the description you wrote Dot I am definitely going to be looking for this author. The story sounds it will be enjoyable!


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