Deet’s Confessions of An Addicted Personality

My Kindle died.  This may not mean much to all of you but to me it is like I lost a pet.  I have already replaced my pet with a new pet, a Kindle Paperwhite.  It won’t be here for a week because I was too cheap to pay $17 for quicker delivery. So I will actually be opening a real honest to goodness book with paper pages during the next week.  Thank goodness there are alternatives!

note: people with addictions cannot go cold turkey for long without severe withdrawal symptoms.  If they get past the DT’s then they will most likely develop another addiction to compensate.  How do I know this?  I was a smoker of cigarettes , it took me three tries to finally get off of them.  I worked the night shift as an RN and was addicted to coffee.  That took some time to get rid of the headaches when I decaffeinated.  Each time I got off the “bad” addiction I found a substitute “good” addiction.  At first it was painting and then it was reading, the blog and reviewing.

Now my addiction is Kindle.  Amazon likes this about me.  My family doesn’t mind too much.  They always know where to find me, in my reading chair and they always know I will love an Amazon gift card for my birthday.  Sometimes the neighbors think I’ve gone on vacation since I’m holed up with my Kindle.

So Deet, what you gonna read til that Kindle gets here?  Well….Thanks for asking.  Here is what I have handy in paper:

Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins,  I read The Hunger Games and loved it, and saw the movie, isn’t that Jennifer Lawrence terrific? I was so impressed at how the movie followed the book.  I want to read this next book in the series before the movie comes out in November.Catching Fire

The Arrangement by Mary Balogh, an advance reader copy (ARC) of Mary’s book to be released in August.

The Arrangement

To Make A Match by Liana Lefey, another ARC of an August release.

To Make A Match

Yes, I will eventually review all of these here on the blog.  These should hold me over until that fancy Paperwhite Kindle arrives.  I hope I don’t get the shakes beforehand.



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8 responses to “Deet’s Confessions of An Addicted Personality

  1. I had a Kindle Fire HD for Christmas but I still tend to read on my iPad because the screen is much bigger. Even in the unlikely event that the Kindle and the iPad give up the ghost at the same time, I can still fall back on my laptop. So I have belt and braces! I also have a number of paperbacks I bought from a second hand bookstall in Cardiff market.


    • Belts and Braces, I’m happy to hear your pants won’t fall down. 🙂 I have those as well, although here in Yank territory we call them belts and suspenders. My back up is geared to the apocalypse, I have a stash of used paperbacks that will get me through the zombie invasion. I will not part with them for they are my security blanket. I also rely heavily on the Amazon Cloud to tenderly protect all of my Kindle books. Of course, after the apocalypse Amazon might be in trouble.


  2. Edyta

    Oh the horror!!! I mean that, if my beloved Kindellina (not very original I know) died I would cry. I hope you tell us how you like the paperwhite. I read some reviews, but sometimes people complain about stupid stuff. I was thinking of upgrading to a lighted ereader so will be interested how you like it.


    • It arrived early! I’ve read a book on it already. I like it, a lot. Of course I’m still learning things about it and more than likely I will never use all of the features, just like my last Kindle. I’ll do a follow-up post after I’ve had it for awhile. The lighted screen is nice.


  3. judy

    U r amazing, as always. Sorry for ur loss. Change is good.
    Hope the paper bound book reading goes well. Luv ya, Judy


  4. Willa

    I never thought I could fall in love with an e-reader … that I would truly miss the smell of books, the feel of the pages, the ability to flick back to the naughty bits easily (;)) . . and then I got a kobo Glo . . and I am in love ♥


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