Review-Grand Passion (1994) by Jayne ann Krentz

Title:  Grand Passion

Grand Passion

Genre:  Contemporary Romance

Author: Jayne Ann Krentz

Publisher: Simon and Schuster, Pocket Books, 1994

Source:  Loan from a friend

Rating: 2.5

Sexy Rating: 5

Description from

Rich, arrogant, emotionally-starved Max Fortune takes one look at Cleopatra Robbins and feels a fierce desire for her. She, too, is devastatingly attracted to him. But Max is searching for five priceless paintings and believes Cleo is hiding them. Together, they play a dangerous game of deceit.


If there was a “grand passion” between our two protagonists, then I had trouble finding it.  This book read like a sexed-up lifetime movie.  I had trouble believing that the characters were real people.  Cleo, a 28 year old virgin, falls willy-nilly into bed with Max.  Max an international bonvivant tosses it all in for a group of misfits (albeit a nice bunch) because at 35 he needs a family.  The book left me wondering right to the end if he wanted “family” or Cleo.  The stalker mystery was not developed enough to be satisfying.  From the beginning I knew where the mysterious, missing paintings were to be found.  Ms. Krentz has a wide following who undoubtedly loved this book from the number of 5 star reviews on  Perhaps back in 1994, I too, might have looked on this book with more favor.  However I don’t think it translates well into the twenty-teens.

I can only recommend this book to die-hard Jayne Ann Krentz fans.



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2 responses to “Review-Grand Passion (1994) by Jayne ann Krentz

  1. Willa

    I loved this book when it came out . . classic Krentz humor, a mystery and whacky characters! Lol 😀 I still have a copy!


    • As you can see Willa, I didn’t love it quite as much as you. But that is why we are all so lucky to have the thousands of books to read. We are sure to find those books that we love. Thanks for commenting and please come again.


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