Giveaway & Review- HUNTED by D.B. Reynolds


POWER, it comes down to this … those who have it, those who want it.

REVENGE, the need for it is a fire in the soul, a goad for the unwise.

HUNTED, the fate of the foolish when they think to become the hunter. … Power … Revenge … Hunted.

The Lord of the Midwest is dead, and the powerful vampires of North America are gathering to choose his successor. The Vampire Council will be there to oversee the competition and to keep the violence to a bloody minimum, including Raphael, who will do whatever it takes to ensure the victor is a vampire he can trust. But someone is determined to stop Raphael and his mate, Cyn, from ever reaching Chicago, a hunter who may soon become … the hunted. (Blurb from Goodreads)


It will come as no surprise to long time followers of this blog that I think D.B. Reynolds’ Vampires In America Series is top-notch.  There are 6 novels and 2 novellas if you include Hunted in the count. Coming in November is the #7 novel in the series ADEN.  Each book is titled after the vampire Lord of a particular territory in the United States. (See the list below) Do not expect a lighthearted vampire series.  This series is action packed and very sexy.  Definitely an adult read.

HUNTED is the novella that gives us an introduction to the soon-to-be vampire Lord, Aden.  As I’ve come to expect from this terrific author, the sex is positively sizzling, the storytelling is so accomplished that I could actually visualize the action scenes and feel the adrenaline rush.  At this point my impression of Aden is not a positive one.  He appears to be a misogynist, which makes it difficult to like him.  Perhaps we are not supposed to like him.  This makes me doubly excited to read his story in his novel coming in November 2013.

It is always a delight to have Raphael and Cyn in a book, these two are so much in love and they can’t keep their hands off of each other.

“I love you, my Cyn” he whispered againist her lips, “Remember that.”  “I don’t have to remember,” she said fervently.  “You’ll always be here to tell me.”

We also get a look at the relationship of Lucas and Katherine and the budding friendship of Katherine and Cyn.  Can this novella be read as a stand-alone book? Yes, it is a story unto itself and I believe there is enough background to fill in any needed history.  That said ,you would be advised to read the series since it will give you a stronger feel for the characters.

Vampires In America Series:

  6. Betrayed (e-book novella, prequel to LUCAS)
  7. LUCAS
  8. HUNTED (e-book novella, prequel to ADEN) available on July 15, 2013
  9. ADEN      (coming in Nov. 2013)

Now for the fun! 

D.B. Reynolds is offering for the readers of LA DeetDa Reads a signed, limited edition paperback copy of HUNTED. Yay!  All you have to do is comment on this post and/or ask D.B. a question.  She will answer all.  See the rules and information below.


1. One entry per reader,please. Comments with inappropriate language will be deleted.

 2. Giveaway is open to USA and International readers

3. Giveaway runs from July 8, 2013 until midnight (EDT), July 11,2013

4. Winner will be chosen in a random drawing and announced on this blog on Friday, July 12, 2013

5. Winner will have  until Tuesday July 16th to respond with their snail mail address to Deet at

If they do not respond a new winner will be chosen.

(Note from Deet: Sign up to follow this blog and the winning announcement will come right into your inbox.)

Fine Print:We at La Deetda Reads are not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged giveaway items that are sent through the mail (includes USPS, UPS & FedEx) and do not offer replacement items. This also applies when giveaway items are being sent directly from authors/publishers or through a book-selling website. By sending us your name, email address and shipping information, you are authorizing La Deetda Reads to forward that information on to whoever is shipping the giveaway prize. Once a winner is announced that winner has 4 days to send us their shipping information or another winner will be chosen. No exceptions. Giveaways are open to persons 18 years or older. We reserve the right to cancel or end a giveaway without notice.

Source: This book was received for review from the author



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69 responses to “Giveaway & Review- HUNTED by D.B. Reynolds

  1. Willa

    Hi everyone . . I have a question for D.B . .. when you started the series did you plan to have Raphael & Cyn’s relationship continue to evolve/weave throughout the series? Or did they take you by surprise 😉

    I love that although they are together and that they feed off each others strength’s, these traits are also the weaknesses in their relationship . . so as a reader it keeps me on my toes . . and my heart a-thunking when I read Cyn’s thoughts in Betrayed .. great hook ! 😀


    • Willa – I always knew Cyn and Raphael would be the center, because I always had a major story arc that spans all eight novels. And then they turned out to have such strong personalities and presence, that it made it easy. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!


  2. Will we see more of Cyns father and sister? Could a big bad vampire lord set her sister on the right path!


    • They might show up in passing in a future story, but I have no plans for redeeming the sister with some vampire love. She’s too good (i.e. bad) just the way she is! Thanks, Marta!


  3. Judith

    YES! Giveaway is open to international readers – thanks! I love the Vampires in America series, finally Vampires the way I want them to be!
    What to ask? That’s a tough one …. I’m going with : if you could met one fictional character (aside from Raphael or Eric Northman) who would it be?


    • Well, leaving all of my own characters aside (helloooo, Raj!) I’d like to meet Virgil Flowers from John Sandford’s books. All of my other lusts are firm attached in their own story lines!


  4. Testing, testing! Hi everyone!


  5. I’d just like to say that July 16 is my birthday and a print copy of Hunted would MORE than make my year!! D.B.Reynolds is a fabulous author and write s my favourite genre too!!! Thank you D.B. for the Vampires in America.


  6. I’ve read every one of the Vampires in American books and I’m really looking forward to reading ‘Hunter’ and ‘Aden’. Since day one, I have been hopelessly in love with Raphael.


  7. Sheryl

    I love this series and can’t wait to read Aden. I think that Raphael and Cynthia are my favorite couple, but that could be because I read them first. Can’t wait to read Hunted. Thanks again for a great series


  8. Dorsey

    Sorry, I don’t have any questions because D.B. is very in touch with her fans via FB, Goodreads, and her Newsletters. Shes awesome!! However, I wanted to enter and say how much I love the series!!!!


  9. Vicky

    I’m addicted to this series and I can’t wait for Hunted and then Aden to be released.


  10. Ellen

    I love this whole series. I am also so happy that Raphael and Cyn keep returning in the stories. There relationship is a joy to behold. I also love how friendship plays such a big part in the series. Raphael, Duncan, and Lucas are so loyal to each other. I am so looking forward to meeting Aden.


  11. Aly P

    I love this series! My question is: besides this novellas and glimpses in other books, do you think Cyn and Raphael will get another book of their own? Do you know the next characters in the book after Aden?
    Thank you for writing!


    • I always know who the characters in the next book will be, because I like to end each book with a glimpse of the next. We’ll meet Vampire Lord #8 at the end of ADEN. And, yes, Cyn and Raphael will get another book of their own — I’ve already outlined that one, because the ideas wouldn’t leave me alone until I wrote them down! 🙂 Thanks, Ally!


  12. I am so glad I came across this series several years ago. I was looking for something new, and different, and these are great, love them all, but my favorites are Cyn and Raphael. My question is, do you know how many Lords you are going to write about?
    Can’t wait for Aden to come out, I love these books!!


    • Thanks, Margaret! There will be 8 vampire lords to cover all of the North American territories, but that’s not to say they won’t be revisited at some point in the future, especially if my publisher agrees.


  13. SandyG265

    I don’t have a question but am looking foward to reading Hunted.


  14. Kathleen Charles

    Good morning! I discovered Ms. Reynolds when I read her first ViA book, Raphael. He is still a standard against which I measure other vampires. I stack her vamps right up there with the BDB. And that’s saying something.

    I look forward to Aden’s story!


  15. I have a question but first let me say I LOVE LOVE your books. My question is : Do you have any up coming book signings or book events ?


    • I don’t have any in person events scheduled right now, although I am looking at a couple of conventions for next year. As always, I’ll let my readers know if anything pans out! Thank you for loving my Vampires!


  16. Denise Haynes

    I just want to say I absolutely love your books!! I gave Raphael a try one day, just thought I’d check out something new…and FELL IN LOVE! I have read all of your books now and looking forward to Hunted. I would also like to know if you would be doing any book signings or events in the Louisville, Kentucky area! Thanks for this giveaway and thank you for your books!


  17. Stephanie

    I love this series and like so many others Raphael and Cyn captured my heart. Their romance was just so intense and sweet. Can’t wait to read more about them.
    We’ve had one female Lord I was wondering if you have plans for anymore?
    Thanks for the giveaway.


  18. Delilah

    Love these books! I have a few questions – in betrayed you indicated there could be trouble in paradise for Raphael and Cyn, is this a storyline you are persuing?
    Whatever happened to Alexandra?
    Any hint to juro brother?
    And will Cyn and Raphael be in Aden?


    • A lot of people ask about Alexandra. Did you know she was supposed to die (be executed by Raphael) in the first draft of JABRIL? But my publisher wouldn’t let me do that. I’ll probably deal with her in a future novella, just to finish her story off. Juro’s brother … so many people ask about him. Yep, he and Juro are likely to be fairly central to a future story. As for Cyn & Raphael, they don’t appear in Aden except in the background. Their part of the story is told in HUNTED where they’re the stars! Thank you, Delilah!


  19. Julaine

    I feel in love with the character of Cynthia when I first read Raphael. Did you create her character first and then Raphael or did you have the idea for the Vampire Lords and then create a special heroine/love that would be perfect for him?

    I read almost 500 books a year but it is always a special occasion when I have one of your new books in front of me and I can drop back into the alternative Vampire World of the Americas that you have created. Thank you so much.


    • Thank you, Julaine! I created Raphael’s character first. He was the inspiration for the story. And then I came up with Cyn as his mate, because he was so strong, he needed someone to stand up to him! 🙂


  20. Kayla

    If they were to make a motion picture based on your series… What famous actor and actress would you have play Cyn and Raphael?

    Deet’s Granddaughter


    • Oh, that’s so difficult! I have such perfect images in my head of these characters. The problem would be Raphael, because he’s not just gorgeous, he’s big. Cyn would be easier, but, again, most actresses are lovely, but tiny, and Cyn is tall and beautiful. I can’t really name anyone off the top of my head who would fit the bill. We might have to discover someone! lol


  21. I want it soooo much!!!
    I read the first 3 books of “Vampire in America” and I loved.
    Congratulations for this great great series, DB! 😀


  22. I’m not very much of a talker because it’s hard for me to express what I want to say, but Vampires in America is my favorite series and I buy D. B. Reynolds books on paper and for my kindle and I’m always excited when a new book is coming out, also Raphael and Cyn’s love, relationship and not to mention their steamy sex, it’s exiting to read as all the other books that when a new one comes out I read it in one sitting and can’t wait for an other one to come out to enjoy it, I like them so much that I’ve read them over and over and I don’t get tired of them, I hope that D B Reynolds never runs of ideas or get tired and keeps writing about her Vampires that I love so much. I thank her for the trilling and exiting moments that her books make me feel!

    Sincerely one of her loyal fans,

    Georgina Gutierrez
    (I am placing this for Georgina. She sent it to my inbox instead of to the comment section.)


  23. Nae

    Awesome!!! Hunted is so close!! *Squee*
    I totally agree with everyone, please don’t stop writing DB *looks up with pleading eyes*. You awesome. 🙂
    Congrats on Hunted and Aden.


  24. Ronnica

    Just a comment. I vaguely remember my life before Vampires in America. Please keep it going forever and always.
    Cyn and her Vampire Lord are my favorite couple. They are so good together. I don’t usually re read books because there are just too many out there, but this series, has been read multiple times it’s just that great! Looking forward to many more.


  25. meliora13

    I’ve really enjoyed following this series. My question is greedy: what comes after Aden and how long would we have to wait?


    • The book following ADEN will be the Vampire Lord of Mexico — I had a name for him, but I’m thinking of changing it, so I won’t say it here. That will be the 8th book in the series and the end of my current contract. I’m confident there will be a new contract and more books, however. So confident that I’ve already outlined the first book of the new series, which will be a full-length Cyn and Raphael novel. 🙂


  26. Tracie Runge

    I was just wondering if you have a number in mind of how many books will be in this series. Also do you think you will another series maybe linked in some way Thank you Tracie


    • HI Tracie! I’m thinking the total series will be around 13 books (not including the novellas), but I’m not sure yet. And, yes, I’m considering a parallel series in the same world, but haven’t done anything concrete yet.


  27. Your series of vampires is one of my favorite ever…i don’t really have a question, you’ve already answered many I had But I would like to say Thank you for taking the time to answer them. Looking forward to reading the next in the series


  28. Jessica Hitchcock

    Omg! I’m so excited for the book! Cyn and Raphael are my favorite. Their love for each other warms my heart 🙂 I have a question for Reynolds. Have you ever thought of adding a map of the territories so us readers had a visual? I can picture with the amazing details you give, I just think that would make a cool poster 🙂


  29. Janet Rodman

    I discovered this series and couldn’t stop reading it after the first book. I spent the next few days, and nights reading the rest of the series. I have recommended it to several of my friends to read as well. I love the alpha males and their relationships with the female leads in each story. Love Raphael, but Lucas is a very close second.


  30. Love this series and can´t wait for more Cyn & Raphael, =) I hope you plan to continue this for.. forever? LOL I´ll be first in line for every new release.
    Thanks for the giveaway & for keeping it International (I´m in Sweden)
    Happy Tuesday!


  31. Kelly

    I love all your books! I am so excited about the next two books. Please keep writing these great stories. My question is: Will there ever be a story about Raphael’s brothers that were mentioned in the first book?


  32. This is just to good to let it slip by since it is open for international reades. An autographed copy would just be amazing!
    I am desperately waiting for the release of hunted and aden! I already reread the other stories.
    As for a question: will cyn evervregret her decision to ket raphaels sister live? Will she have another appearance in the story?
    Can’t wait for july 15…


    • Hi Martina,
      Alexandra was supposed to die way back when. The way I wrote the story, Raphael executed her. But my publisher wouldn’t let me do that, so I had Cyn persuade him not to do it. I’d really like to finish her story once and for all, though, so don’t be surprised if she pops her traitorous head back up again! 🙂


  33. Dina C

    Thank you so much for such great books – Lucas is my new favorite, but I re-read Rafael the most 🙂


  34. kristina Reitano

    wow! this series was so suspenseful it was hard to put them down and go to sleep! it’s one of my new favorites. but i have only been able to read the first three.


  35. Renate Kimbley

    My favorite is and always will be Rafael. love your books and I hope you keep on writing more of Vampires in America.


  36. I have read many “Vampire” series and I can truly say that Vampires In America is a MUST READ! When I first read Raphael, it screamed Mafia–Vampire Mafia–if you will, to me. I loved it!! This series is awesome!


  37. I recently started reading D.B. Reynolds Vampires in America books and have loved every single one of them. I can;t wait to read Adena and Hunted! Cyn and Raphael are a dynamite pair sizzling with all sorts of wickedness ;p


  38. Yay for including international readers! I’ve re-read the series many times and Cyn & Raphael are still my favorites. I love how keep each book central to a main character and not convoluted with so many subplots. Can’t wait for Aden’s Thanks for the giveaway! Hugs from Taiwan!! 🙂


  39. Happy Birthday, D.b. !! May your day be filled with love and laughter. Thank you for this opportunity.It would be a great gift since my b-day is on the 16th 🙂
    You said in the next book (after Aden) we’ll meet the eight Lord so the book will be released probably next year.When can we expect Raphael and Cyn’s book?


    • Cyn and Rphael’s next full-length novel probably won’t appear until 2015. It’s hard to think that far in advance, but it’s true. There will be another Cyn & Raphael novella, then the 8th lord, then a 4th Cyn & Raphael novella, and then …. a full length Cyn and Raphael book. (Whew!)

      Thanks for the birthday wishes, Mihaela!


  40. Margaret A

    Love the escape I get every time I read one of your books. I appreciate the time and effort you put into your characters to bring them to life. My question is how after reading so many books yourself do you keep everything in order? I love reading but find that sometimes I have to stop and regroup; looking forward to Hunted and Eden.

    Thanks for writing.


    • Well, first, I only read one book at a time. My husband, for example, will have several books going at once and he bounces between them. I can’t do that. But if you mean how do I keep my own stories straight, I write a fairly detailed outline before I start writing, and I use that as a guide to my story. Plus, I begin every writing session by reading what I wrote in the previous session. That brings me into the story and the specific scene, and gives me a chance to do some editing, too. Thanks for loving my Vampires, Margaret!.


  41. This Giveaway is officially over. My thanks to all of the commenters for coming up with terrific questions for D.B. Reynolds. Thank you D. B. for making this giveaway really special.


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