Review- Flirting with Disaster by Ruthie Knox

Title:  Flirting With Disaster (book #3, Camelot Series)

flirting with disaster

Genre:  Contemporary romance

Author: Ruthie Knox

Publisher: Random House, Loveswept, June 2013

Source: Free for review from the publisher

Rating: 4

Sexy Rating: 5

Description from

Fresh out of a fiasco of a marriage, Katie Clark has retreated to her hometown to start over. The new Katie is sophisticated, cavalier, and hell-bent on kicking butt at her job in her brother’s security firm. But on her first assignment—digging up the truth about the stalker threatening a world-famous singer-songwriter—Katie must endure the silent treatment from a stern but sexy partner who doesn’t want her help . . . or her company.

Sean Owens knows that if he opens his mouth around Katie, she’ll instantly remember him as the geeky kid who sat behind her in high school. Silence is golden, but he can’t keep quiet forever, not with Katie stampeding through their investigation. It’s time for Sean to step up and take control of the case, and his decade-old crush. If he can break through Katie’s newfound independence, they just might find they make a perfect team—on the road, on the job, and in bed.


Sean stutters and it has impacted his entire life.  He has overcome the it somewhat but when he gets nervous he stutters.  Katie makes him nervous so he decides to just not talk to her.  This becomes a problem for Katie when they team up on an investigation for her brother Caleb’s security firm.  Besides her being annoyed with the silent treatment Katei is drawn to Sean.  They fend off their mutual feelings until that doesn’t work for either of them anymore.

This story has a mystery but the main focus is the really scorching sexual tension.  Ruthie Knox is probably one of the best romantic sex scene writers publishing today.  The romance is well developed and good background stories are given for both protagonists.  Both are looking for meaning and self worth in their lives after troubled pasts.  This is the third book in the series and can be read without having read book #1 &#2 but reading those will give a broader background to the Clark family.

Camelot Series:

1. How to Misbehave (novella, Amber Clark’s story)

2. Along Came Trouble (Caleb Clark’s story)

3. Flirting With Disaster (Katie Clark’s story)

4. Making It Last (novella, Amber again)



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5 responses to “Review- Flirting with Disaster by Ruthie Knox

  1. I have never read anything by Ruthie Knox but I do like contemporaries with sizzling sexual tension. I’m currently reading a Harlequin contemporary by Australian author Annie West which has delicious sexual tension.


  2. Willa

    Ooooh – this sounds interesting *twirls moustache* lol! And a hero with a speech impediment . . . not something I have come across before. Looks like I will have to get my Ruthie Knox cherry popped! 😀


  3. Willa

    Morning! Thank you – will investigate 😀


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