New Release Review- What The Bride Wore by Jade Lee

Title: What The Bride Wore (Bridal Favors Series, book #6)

What the Bride Wore

Genre: Historical Romance

Author: Jade Lee

Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca, Aug. 6 2013

Source: Free for review from the publisher

Rating: 4

Sexy Rating: 5

Description from

Grant Benton, Earl of Crowle finally has the funds he always pretended to have and what he wants now is a woman. That woman is Lady Irene Knopp, who spends her days helping debutantes plan their weddings. A recent widow, Irene longs for love again, but she’s afraid to risk her heart, especially to the notorious Grant Benton.


Jade Lee once again gives us a good story.  This is a follow-up to the novella WINNING THE BRIDE, published in July 2013. In “Winning” we met Will Benton who was a second son and steward of land that had once belonged to his family but now was in the hands of someone else.  Grant Benton, Will’s brother, had been accused of selling the family land and disappearing to avoid family pressure.  In this book we find out exactly what Grant has been doing for those years he disappeared.

Jade Lee offers us a look at what a lack of communication can do to a family and how that same family can be reunited and healed.  She does this through the story of Grant and Irene a match that seemed predestined from their first meeting.  But Irene is an independent woman who loves her job as a fabric buyer for her friend Helaine who runs “A Lady’s Favor” dress shop (Helaine’s Story is in series book #2, WEDDED IN SCANDAL).  She will not give up her job to marry a Peer of the Realm. Grant also has issues with the fact that he is an Earl and he worked in a trade for five years.

Lee immerses us in the Regency period, gives us a healthy dose of societal expectations and weaves a spell around her characters that draws us into the era.  She presents us with her characters frustrations and longings so that they can be felt viscerally by the reader.  She is so good at this that we even experience our own frustrations with Grant, we crave that he stop fixating on his work history, and with Irene, we want her to believe that she can have love and an independent job.  Yes, we want this but do the mores of the day prevent the characters from having what we want for them?

Truly this book offers insight into the early 1800’s and the society that it encompassed.  Lee gives us heart pounding action, breathtaking romance and sensuality, all while furthering the story of the women of A Lady’s Favor dress shop.  I do suggest that you start at the beginning of this series so you can understand all the relationships of the characters for full enjoyment.  However, this is a novel that can be read on its own.



Engaged in Wickedness, a novella

Wedded in Scandal

Engaged in Passion, a novella

Wedded in Sin

Winning a Bride, a novella

What the Bride Wore



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7 responses to “New Release Review- What The Bride Wore by Jade Lee

  1. Great review Dot! Makes me want to run out and read the book, but I will have to wait a little longer. I didn’t know there were other novella’s out with the series. I will have to take a look at them as well.


    • Each of the full length books is preceded by a novella. If you haven’t read this series, Gayle, then start from the beginning. Jade Lee is one of my favorite authors.


      • I have only read two Wedded in Scandal and Wedded in Sin. Loved them both, but I didn’t know about the novellas. They are going on my list to read along with the newest novel from the series. She is a fantastic author.


  2. I love your review, Dot. You have certainly encouraged me to read this series. I only have Winning the Bride at the moment and so I’ve a lot of catching up to do!


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