Review- It Happened One Midnight by Julie Anne Long

Title:  It Happened One Midnight (Pennyroyal Green Series, #8)

It Happened One Midnight

Genre:  Historical Romance

Author: Julie Anne Long

Publisher: Avon, June, 2013

Source: Purchase

Rating: 5

Sexy Rating: 5

Description from

More than one beautiful woman’s hopes have been dashed on the rocky shoals of Jonathan Redmond’s heart. With his riveting good looks and Redmond wealth and power, the world is his oyster—until an ultimatum from his father and a chilling gypsy prophecy send him hurtling headlong toward a fate he’ll do anything to avoid: matrimony.

Intoxicating, elusive Thomasina de Ballesteros has the bloods of London at her feet. But none of them knows the real Tommy—the one with a shocking pedigree, a few too many secrets, and a healthy scorn for rakes like Jonathan.

She’s everything Jonathan never wanted. But on one fateful midnight, he’s drawn into Tommy’s world of risk, danger . . . and a desire he’d never dreamed possible. And suddenly he’s re-thinking everything . . . including the possibility that succumbing to prophecy might just mean surrendering to love.


This reviewer has received her comeuppance.  I confess to being totally jaded when it comes to other reviewers whining about how they have fallen in utter love and lust with a hunky romance hero. “ Not me” I disdain, “I’m much too sophisticated to get involved with a character in a book.”  Well that was before I read Jonathan Redmond’s story.  Yes, I’m willing to run away with Jonathan Redmond.  He’s cool under pressure, he has a terrific sense of humor, he is intelligent, he’s protective and he has an  innate sense of justice. And to top all of that he is definitely hunky and a consummate lover.  The heroine Thomisina is probably (I confess reluctantly) more suited to him than me. Alas, I will have to take a trip back to the real world sooner than I wanted.

Julie Anne Long has given us another wonderful addition to the Pennyroyal Green Series.  She can develop her characters into people we fall in love with.  They are sublimely sensual and utterly believable.  They are people we can admire. The romance is full of witty heated encounters. We don’t ever want the story to end.  We wonder how Jonathan will manage to make his fortune when all the odds are stacked against him and yet we know that somehow this will come to pass because we believe in him.

This is a standalone read but be sure to check out the other books in the Pennyroyal Green series (in order):

1) The Perils of Pleasure
2) Like No Other Lover
3) Since the Surrender
4) I Kissed an Earl
5) What I Did for a Duke

6) How the Marquess Was Won
7) A Notorious Countess Confesses
8) It Happened One Midnight

9) Between the Devil and Ian Eversea (April 2014)


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3 responses to “Review- It Happened One Midnight by Julie Anne Long

  1. Dot, after reading your review, I’m off to buy this one! I haven’t read any of the Pennyroyal Green series yet but I have a few books from the series on my Kindle. Somehow, I’m going to have to organise my reading so I can catch up with authors like Julie Anne Long.

    I’m just a soppy old romantic because I’m always falling in love with fictional heroes!


    • Oh Carol, you are so lucky to be starting this series now, you won’t have to wait for the next book which can be torture. Start at the beginning even though you can read each as a standalone, you will get a feel for the two families. You are absolutely going to love this series, I promise!


      • Dot, I need to collect this series but, as it will take me some time, I’ll probably be tempted to read the books I already have, especially as they can be read as standalones. BTW, I bought this book this morning.


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