Advance Review- When The Marquess Met His Match by Laura Lee Guhrke

Title:  When The Marquess Met His Match

When The Marquess Met His Match

Genre:  Historical Romance/Victorian

Author: Laura Lee Guhrke

Publisher: Avon, Oct. 29, 2013

Source:  Free For Review from the Amazon Vine Program

Rating: 4

Sexy Rating: 5

Description from

She’s the matchmaker . . .

Lady Belinda Featherstone’s job is to guide American heiresses to matrimony, and away from men like Nicholas, Marquess of Trubridge. But the charming, disreputable marquess needs a wealthy bride, and he hires Belinda to help him find one. Her task seems easy: find that scoundrel the sort of wife he so richly deserves. But Nicholas’s hot, searing kiss soon proves her task will be anything but easy.

He’s the perfect match . . .

Nicholas plans to wed a rich, pretty young darling to restore his fortune, and he’s happy to pay a marriage broker to help him. But one taste of Belinda’s lips and Nicholas’ sensible scheme to marry for money goes awry, and he yearns to show his beautiful matchmaker he’s the perfect match . . . for her.


Nicholas has had his income cut off by his controlling father.  That is why he is desperate to marry a wealthy woman.  He has an estate to maintain and peers of the realm are not supposed to actually work for a living.  He also has a dissolute past and Belinda wants nothing to do with him, but when he accidentally meets her sweet, young wealthy friend who seems to find him fascinating….well, she must strike a bargain with the marquess.  She will help him find a wife, if he stays away from her friend.

This is another delightful romance from accomplished author Ms. Guhrke.  She has created a very proper, conservative heroine who maintains that personality throughout the book even when she finally succumbs to temptation.   The marquess is everything we want in a romance book hero, he’s handsome, intelligent, confident,  strong, has a bad boy past but is willing to reform all for a woman he loves….sigh.

This is a slow building romance with a bad man throwing obstacles in the way of true love and a heroine trying her best not to give into her desires. Delightful.

This book publishes on October 29th but is available for pre-order.


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4 responses to “Advance Review- When The Marquess Met His Match by Laura Lee Guhrke

  1. LLG is one of my favourite authors and I’m looking forward to reading this new series. I have this first book on pre-order.


  2. Edyta

    This one sounds interesting. I have found LLG a bit his and miss. ATHKH is one of my all time fav HRs but the following couple in that series were just ok. I have not read any of her last series, will give this one a go.


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