Carrying a Torch for Moonlight

Moonlight Alex 2

Confession time:  I’ve never gotten over the cancellation of the TV show MOONLIGHT (2007-2008).   The one about the vampire, Mick St. John, played by Alex O’Laughlin and the internet reporter, Beth, played by Sophia Miles.  Actually I never saw every show in the season until I got the total DVD collection.  I loved the whole concept of vampire romance and still do. And there is nothing like a handsome sexy vampire on Halloween.   Here are a couple of vids that will show you what you missed in case you missed the show back in the day.

I just want to make love to you (Etta James)

Love song for a Vampire (Annie Lennox)

So tell me, any of you still carrying a torch for an old TV show or movie or Alex O’Laughlin lookalike?


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8 responses to “Carrying a Torch for Moonlight

  1. I absolutely loved this show when it was on! It had such potential to keep going past one season and yes Alex O’Loughlin is definitely easy on the eyes.


  2. Yes I also loved this show, was so disappointed when it was canceled. Did buy the whole season when it came out,love it!
    Yes Alex O’Loughlin is very easy on the eyes.


    • I’m thinking it is just about time for me to watch that whole season again. Thanks for stopping by, Maggie, We Moonlight lovers must keep the torch burning. (perhaps that wasn’t the right thing to say considering how vampires go up in flames. 🙂 )


  3. Georgina

    Me too I love the show and I didn’t understand the reason the cancel it, but I’m going to look for the dvds and buythem that way I can see it again and again I hope Amazon carries them!


  4. Denise H

    I absolutely loved the show and was completely distraught when it was canceled! I have bought the season as well and just love Alex O’ Loughlin. The chemistry on the show was amazing. I think if it would have come out just a year or two later, it would have managed to stay. Thank you for letting me think back on this show and also to know I am not the only one still carrying a torch!


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