Deet’s Life- On an Eco-tour of Costa Rica

costa-rica-map-2013I will be away from the blog for the next ten days.  That has not prevented me from blogging some fun stuff to keep you entertained until I get back.  Here is a map of the tour hubby and I are taking in Costa Rica.  What is an Eco-tour?  Well, we will be seeing all manner of Rainforests, wild forest animals, probably be eaten alive by mosquitos, dehydrate in the overwhelming heat and humidity, gaze at and into volcanos and finish up at a resort and spa on the Pacific coast (thank goodness).  I will more than likely make you sit through a slide show of this trip so just be prepared.  BTW, My Kindle is loaded and insisted on going in my carry on bag.  Our friends, Marietta and Leigh, are going with us.  Marietta asked me if I had a sexy book she could borrow.  Um-m, yes, I think I could come up with one.Costa Rica bridge


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5 responses to “Deet’s Life- On an Eco-tour of Costa Rica

  1. Janice

    Have a great time. Floyd and I did it a few years back. Be prepared to sweat!!! Don’t be surprised if a monkey fall out of a tree above you!


  2. Edyta

    Wow how totally awesome!!! Have a great time, the slide show will be a must when you get back.


  3. Sounds like an amazing trip. Have fun!


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